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Homeland Security BUSTS Two Separate DACA Recipients for Human Trafficking in Two Days

Another stunning blow to the claims that illegal immigrants currently under Barack Hussein Obama's Deferred Action for Child Arrivals program are simply "dreamers," after two recipients of the illicit program have now been apprehended in the midst of human trafficking by the Department of Homeland Security via the Border Patrol, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) units.

After endless defensive claims from the Democratic Party attempting to label these people as somehow being innocent and wanting to "just work and provide for their families," we continue to see the remarkably disgusting crimes they're engaged in.

In two separate incidents the United States Border Patrol made arrests of human traffickers, displaying that this wasn't simply a random arrest or just one random criminal deed committed by a dangerous illegal.

The brilliance of these federal agencies and the intelligence gathered to strike the targets and halt the DACA recipients of their dangerous crimes deserves praise, underscoring that these "dreamers" put the lives of all Americans at risk.

The first incident occurred on January 24th - at around 12 PM near Torrey Pines State Beach - when Border Patrol Agents received a tip that several illegal human smuggling and drug cartel vehicles were in transport in the area filled with both illegals and potentially weapons or narcotics that could be found at Dairy Mart Road in San Ysidro.

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Border Patrol then shared the intelligence gathered with Federal Law Enforcement agencies including Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Home Security Investigations branches.

A after coordinating a strike unit the Border Patrol agents sent the team only to discover a disabled vehicle along the freeway

Once they began to interrogate the driver they found that the 20-year-old Mexican national was not only a DACA recipient but that his credentials had long since expired.

Also inside the car was a 22-year-old Mexican national, who identified himself as the driver's cousin, and a 21-year-old man of whom was also a Mexican nation. Both men were illegal aliens.

During further questioning all of the men confessed to being part of the human trafficking operations in the region as per the criminal human smuggling cartel.

The second incident occurred on January 25th - at around 8 AM in San Diego County, California - when Border Patrol Agents spotted two suspicious vehicles on Buckman Springs Road in Campo.

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Border Patrol Agents then began to follow a late model blue Honda sedan until it arrived at a Border Patrol Inspection Checkpoint where agents were able to then order the driver to exit the car and perform a full vehicle inspection.

The driver was a 22-year-old illegal Mexican National, who eventually confessed during an interrogation that he was part of an elite human smuggling operation in the region.

The illegal then claimed that he was to meet up with another member of the trafficking team to coordinate a widespread smuggling conspiracy, and Border Patrol Agents knew at this point they'd found their target.

During the interrogation process they also determined the Mexican national was a DACA recipient who resides in Riverside County. It was then found that the DACA recipient had been engaged in illegal human smuggling operations for several years inside the United States, showing that this <i>"dreamer"</i> was only interested in crime.

The Border Patrol then organized a quick response team and sent out a reconnaissance patrol to the location where the meeting what said to have taken place between the Mexican national DACA recipients human smuggler and the rest of his trafficking cartel.

At that location they discovered a second man who was a United States citizen in which confessed to being part of the human trafficking scheme.

All of the men who were arrested and were DACA recipients or illegals are being held in the custody of the Department of Homeland Security, of whom will attempt to extract more information about the cartels they worked for, and then they'll be deported back to where they belong.

Human smuggling, human trafficking, is in <i>no way an innocent crime</i>, in which not only do illegals often die during the operations due to malnourishment but children are sold into child sexual slavery.

"The smugglers are the ones that are taking these folks out into these extreme desolate areas, and unfortunately, they're lying to them. They're leaving them out there," he tells Here & Now's Robin Young. "Those are the realities that we want folks to understand and know before coming."

Even more dangerous towards Americans, those being trafficked are typically in possession of narcotics so that the cartels can complete two missions at once.

In some occurrences, high powered assault rifles or military weaponry has been discovered as well, on its way to the inner-cities to become used by violent thugs.

This comes after just today<a href=""> The Goldwater </a>reported a case of 76 criminal illegal aliens hiding inside of a tractor-trailer in the Laredo Sector of Texas.

It's why millions of Americans have asked the President of the United States of America to not commit to DACA, as many do not want<a href=""> Amnesty for dangerous "dreamers"</a>.

The mainstream media uses impartial polling to suggest the people approve, and they do not. There is some sense of deal making, and that's acceptable.

However, if it does happen, any of the dreamers who have committed crimes have to go back.

Amnesty, is essentially giving the DACA recipients a priority over the will of the American people.

Americans do not support DACA amnesty. They don't want it in any way; despite the efforts of the Republican party to push for it.

That being said there are two keynote issues in regards to our National Security that aren't being considered when it comes to DACA, which is the continued numbers of crimes being committed by those here under DACA, and the lack of a border wall, which has many of those here under DACA using it as an excuse to be the legal entity receiving narcotics on behalf of the cartels inside our country.

Many of these people are abusing DACA for similar reasons, or even going as far as murdering Americans while they're here under Obama's illegal order.

So far; we've seen some brilliant progress in terms of the restructuring of the Department of Justice in going after specific groups of illegals, such as MS-13 and criminal syndicates.

It's worth giving credit where it's due to those actions of Border Patrol and ICE as well as HSI all across the United States of America.

<b>The safety and security of American citizens has to come first.</b>

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