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North Carolina Teen Tried to Shoot Her Sleeping Mom

A North Carolina teen attempted to shoot her mother while she was sleeping.

According to the authorities they learned about the shocking incident when officers were called to a home Sunday morning to conduct a welfare check requested by a friend. Based on the officers’ interviews with the 15-year-old teen, her mother, and father, the mother awoke to a loud noise and saw her daughter standing at the foot of the bed.

The father was in the bathroom when the incident happened. The parents say the daughter ran from the room when her mother saw her. Officers who responded found a bullet hole in the mattress, dangerously close to the position of the mother’s head when she was sleeping.

The authorities said that the girl used her father’s handgun, which is kept in a holster by his side of the bed.

Due to her age, the authorities are not releasing the teen’s identity. An investigation is still ongoing. It is not clear if the girl has prior issues or conflict with her mother that she would attempt such an unimaginable act, or if she is struggling with personal problems.

The girl was charged with attempted first-degree murder and booked into Wake County Juvenile Detention Center. It is still not clear if the girl will be given counseling or other intervention that she may need.


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Anon No. 17140 2018-01-30 : 20:02

Democrats in action. This country would be better off if they were all in jail or deported.

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