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Photo credit: Hamilton County Justice Center

Thugs Who Raped 15-Year-Old Say They Were 'Wasted' At The Time

Two men are in jail for raping a 15-year-old girl, and their excuse is they were 'wasted' at the time.

The rape took place at a party where Steven Lee, 20, and Antonio Leicht, 21, got the victim drunk and took turns raping her. One of them told his attorney he was "wasted" that night.

Both teens, who are cousins, were charged with rape on Saturday, according to Delhi Township police Lt. Joe Macaluso. The rape took place in the basement of a home in the 300 block of Anderson Ferry road.

Delhi Township Police Detective Adam Cox asked a judge for a high bond Monday for both men. According to Cox, Leicht provided the alcohol for the party. Leicht told his defense attorney he is married with a child on the way.

The judge gave Steven Lee a $170,000 bond and Antonio Leicht got a $100,000 bond. Lee is charged with assault and rape and Leicht is charged with rape and supplying alcohol to a minor.

The victim was taken to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center in an ambulance where she was examined by doctors before being released to her parents.

Police say a girl called 911 and told a Hamilton County dispatcher her friend sent her a Snapchat stating older males are raping another friend of hers.

According to Macaluso, the rape took place when the suspects and an 18-year-old male friend partied with the victim and two of her female friends at the 18-year-old's house. The girls are said to be 15 or 16.

The father was home but apparently unaware of what was going on below him. "It wasn't like it was a loud banging party and people were screaming," Macaluso said. He added, "You need to be aware of what's going on in your home."

Lee had already been indicted by a Hamilton County grand jury last year on three counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, according to court records.

His indictment said he had sex three times with a girl who was between the ages of 13 and 15 between February and March 2017 despite knowing she was underage.

That case is still pending.

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Anonymous No. 17126 2018-01-30 : 13:15

Black and White Chocolate Fudge with Cream-filled goodness

Truthseeker No. 17125 2018-07-03 : 20:43

I think that this is really messed up but what about the accountability of the father, the 18 year old who had the party, and these girls parents. The 18 year old threw this party, did he know they were underage when HE invited them or while he was screwing the 16 year old upstairs who has a baby at that age. What about the father you don't check your house at all to see who is in it? What about these girls parents who let their children go to house parties. If these parents had checked their kids facebook page they would have seen how their children were acting, dressing drinking and drugs. But no one is held accountable for that. Teen boys need to realize girls will lie on you and lie about their age. Ids are not even good enough nowadays birth certificate is what you need to be asking for.

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