By: Ace Jackson | 03-10-2017 | News
Photo credit: The Goldwater | Twitter

Twitter Guilty of Censorship and Draconian Deletion Methods

Everyone hears about it, but doesn’t really pay attention. Twitter bans right wing only allowing left wing hate posts. Which tend to be extreme, aggressive and focused at individuals with searing hate messages that border on verbal assault.

However, most people don’t believe it, how can their twitter that is full of their favorite “Boobs and Butts of the day” be guilty of censorship? Well, it is true, and it is to the point of them not even accepting a payment for an advertisement from this news site, that was not using any of the typical hate trigger words, that you think might be censored if they were actually doing that.

What makes Twitter Censorship wretched is that it is targeted, not a general ban of choice trigger words. Only individual people and certain companies are censored, while others are free to spread the gospel of their personal messages of hate.

The Goldwater has been censored for the article titled: Snakes On Plane! First FISA Request Was After Clinton Met Privately On the Plane W/ Atty. Gen. Lynch

Which brought up the fact that the FISA request to bug Donald Trump occurred after the meeting with Bill Clinton and Attorney General Lynch on the tarmac.

It has also been brought to my attention by a friend that runs the bot on that several times, the account has been suspended until tweets have been deleted. It was never suspended from some of the troll posts to /pol/ but it was suspended for tweets like “CEO of Starbucks proves yet again that all kikes must die.”

Definitely extreme, but then Starbucks has taken an extreme position of late on gay marriage. If you do not accept gay marriage, then Starbucks does not want your business. About 50% of the US population does not accept that. It is extreme and will affect the bottom line of Starbucks, if a boycott of Starbucks products over it ever happens.

It is getting to the point that it is impossible for anyone that does not fully agree and follow the position of the Twitter company to use Twitter for anything useful. They won’t even accept money if you disagree with them. This could be why they are losing money. It is difficult to make money if you are banning 50% of the population from paying you money.

The Goldwater has recently been granted a Gab.Ai account.

Perhaps in the future Gab.Ai, or Discord will take the place of Twitter as the communication choice of most people. Time will tell. Until then The Goldwater will be moving the majority of our social media to Gab. Ai and Discord. We will just post to Twitter until they block our account. It becomes less and less useful as the days go by.


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@8chpol No. 1735 2017-03-12 : 08:47

We was locked out again.

Anonymous No. 1736 2017-03-12 : 08:54


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