By: Kyle James | 01-30-2018 | News
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Government Shuts Down Wichita Shop For Selling CBD Oil

A shop in Wichita has been shut down by the state for selling CBD oil. CBD oil is an extract of the cannabis plant that does not contain THC, the ingredient associated with getting high.

Since cannabis is illegal in Kansas and there are no medical marijuana laws, a product that contains CBD is still illegal despite only having medicinal properties and nothing to get you high.

The business is called CBD American Shaman Wichita and is located in the 400 block of West Central but it may not be for long. The owner of the shop says the state served his shop Monday with a notice of closure.

When contacted by local media, the State Attorney General's Office stated it is unlawful to possess or sell products or substances that contain any amount of cannabidiol or tetrahydrocannabinol.

CBD American Shaman recently opened in Wichita and the store's owner says the oil he sells will not get you high but can help with a multitude of issues such as autism, ADD, stress and muscle pain.

The archaic measures keeping cannabis illegal are lagging behind modern times where over half of the United States has some form of medical marijuana legislature or it is fully legal for recreational use.

The constipated annals of political mire have prevented Americans from using the plant, which has been proven to have miraculous healing properties, for far too long.

CBD has even saved the lives of many children who would otherwise suffer from debilitating seizures when no other medication would work. The argument that marijuana is somehow harmful and adults are too stupid to know not to use it just doesn't hold up to the facts.

If the government is so concerned about people using a substance with mind-altering effects than alcohol wouldn't be legal and there is really no excuse for keeping CBD illegal when there is no impairment or high, only positive medical benefits.

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