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3 Arrested for Social Media Threats That Close Indiana Schools

Threats against local schools in Indiana were posted on social media a couple of times on January 25 this year prompting investigations from law enforcement. The authorities have since completed the probe, and three behind the threats have been arrested.

The threats to do harm against local schools appeared online twice on January 25, one in the afternoon at around 5 p.m. and another in the evening. Law enforcement was made aware of such threats and immediately the Indiana State Polie, Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and Paoli Police Department joined forces to start investigating the origin and validity of the said threats.

The Paoli School Corporation was briefed on the initial finding of the investigators and decided to cancel school on Friday, January 26 for the safety of all involved.

The investigators did not stop their probe until they were able to conclusively determine who was responsible for an act that is considered criminal in nature. Thorough investigations established probable cause to arrest three juveniles- one 16-year-old and two 17-year-olds- suspected to be behind the social media threats against the schools.

The juvenile suspects were taken into custody in Paoli Monday afternoon and were brought to a juvenile detention center. Each of the minors is being charged with intimidation, which happens to be a Level 6 felony.

The authorities said that such a crime is not being treated lightly, and never dismissed as merely a prank. Instead, such threats made whether in person or online are investigated vigorously. The authorities stressed that giving anonymous threats can have enduring consequences for people arrested and prosecuted for such crimes.

The police decided, however, not to reveal to the public yet the details on how the crime was solved and what specific social media apps were used to convey those threats.

The suspects were not identified because they are minors, but the lesson is clear: in this digital age, no one can truly hide behind the supposed cloak of anonymity and get away with criminal acts. There are many more clever ways for one’s criminal acts to be busted.


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Anonymous No. 17115 2018-01-30 : 10:46

I like this …. maybe we could start applying this process to grownups, politicians, celebrities, Anti-FA, and college students making life threatening remarks …..

There are 1000 ways to tell someone to go to "hell" w/o violating the law.

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