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Deputy AG Rosenstein Should Go Next

There's little doubt that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein not only approved secretive surveillance of the Trump Administration's top membership but did so behind the back of the President who appointed him.

Many Americans are asking how Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein can continue to hold his role inside the Justice Department after betraying the President and those close to him, <i>such as Carter Page</i>.

Carter Page specifically, has consistently stated to the Press that the surveillance of he and his family, <i>all approved by Deputy AG Rosenstein</i>, was carried out at the hands of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Page is now condemning Rosenstein, claiming that both he and those close to him were placed under surveillance to wrongly drag their names through the mud. As to whether or not that's true, it seems shockingly infuriating that the likes of Page and others in the Administration could be wiretapped by the FBI when people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama including those within their administration.

In text messages reported today by<a href=""> Politico</a>, Carter Page stated that he's still waiting for the results of the Freedom of Information Act filed as per a request he made to the Department of Justice in 2016 to disclose all of the surveillance made against him and his family. "I'm still awaiting the facts," he said.

Most of this comes after the hotly contested memo that the public has increasingly demanded to be released, written by Representative Devin Nunes (D-CA), who the people of this country have stood firmly behind in spite of the efforts of the mainstream media to discredit him.

What most aren't aware of is that even though Robert Mueller was appointed as a Special Counsel its Deputy AG Rosenstein who's responsible for making the final decisions about resources, personnel, and even prosecutions.

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Why is it that Rosenstein is so hell-bent on bringing down Patriots such as General Michael Flynn? Or the above-mentioned wiretaps of Carter Page?

Honestly, it's nearly impossible to trust him.

He's placed utter disarray into the Justice Department, with Jeff Sessions recusal, and all of the actions of Rosenstein clearly displaying a bias of sorts or seemingly suggesting he represents interests that aren't compatible with bringing the Obama Administration to justice.

Rosenstein approved of the firing of James Comey, but we've since displayed that<a href=""> former FBI Director James Comey </a>has committed multiple felonies, and we've seen without a shadow of a doubt that the FBI gave Fusion GPS access to their surveillance of the Trump Campaign, as<a href=""> The Goldwater reported </a>earlier this month.

With<a href=""> Glenn Simpson's Fusion GPS testimony </a>having been released, it further displays the efforts of those within the FBI to having held a bias against then-Candidate Trump.

Factor in the fact that the<a href=""> FBI did, in fact, assist Fusion GPS and the Clinton Campaign indirectly</a>, even sending an unknown Special Agent on a flight to Rome to meet with Christopher Steele, and you have to ask who's side Rosenstein is on?

He approved the surveillance of those who worked to elect President Trump by the very FBI that he knows is corrupted to the core.

It makes little sense.

Many Republicans inside both the House Intelligence Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee view Rod Rosenstein as a traitor, with few even publicly stating that when the Nunes memo is released he'll have to be purged from the Federal Government.

As the brilliant minds inside of Congress such as <a href=""> Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) </a>has come closer to the truth we're seeing the more public transparency of their own actions while Rosenstein continues to work in the dark against Trump.

Senator Grassley's letter to John Podesta and a multitude of other Clinton campaign leaders including Strategist Joel Benenson, former DNC Chair Donna Brazile, and even the elusive Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in regards to their ties to the former MI6 Agent Steele and other foreign agents who interfered in America's elections have been open and transparent.

Those who support the President haven't hidden their intentions. Meanwhile, we see the hidden hand of the Deep State and Deputy AG Rosenstein acting without any transparency whatsoever.

With today's announcement that<a href=""> Andrew McCabe </a>is now out in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, what gives us reason to not demand the same of Rod Rosenstein in the Justice Department?

At minimal, I'd rather have someone inside the Justice Department who I have zero doubts about than someone surrounded by controversy. I don't see how that's difficult to understand.

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With several members of Congress blasting Rosenstein, it could certainly mean his days are numbered as is.

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Anonymous No. 17086 2018-01-30 : 00:01

A point of clarification.

Rouge Leaderships and a handful of Agents within the FBI and Intel groups are to blame. NOT the whole DOJ, FBI or CIA, or …etc…

But once uncovered, these violators of US LAW and the US Constitution must lose all federal bennies and serve serious time.

Anonymous No. 17100 2018-01-30 : 06:02

It’s rogue, not rouge. Rouge is french for red, rogue is the term you need to use. You are correct in stating the rogues need to be gound out and handled by The Law.

Jacques Noir No. 17147 2018-01-30 : 22:08

We need a reign of terror as in the French Revolution kind against the fake smart people running Justice, FBI, State Department as well the tax shelter for billionares Council on Foreign Relations. All Traitiors and enemies of the people.

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