By: Savannah Smith | 03-11-2017 | News
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Job Reports Indicates That Trump Is Off To A Hot Start In The Economy

President Donald Trump through-out the presidential campaign last year up to now consistently underscores that the economy is top priority for him and that jobs will be created and maintained for Americans. Good economy is one of Trump's strongest promises, and from the looks and prospects of things now, it is also one area where the President is clearly and strongly delivering, if not surely winning on.

Job creation in the manufacturing section for one ran its fastest pace since late 2014 in February this year, translating to a " hot start" for an area of focus for President Trump. 28,000 jobs were added in the manufacturing sector for the month of February alone- the most in more than a year. Such boost is led by gains in food and machinery manufacturing, a sector that has been hot recently. Friday's job report came from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

President Trump has prioritized manufacturing jobs at risk of being lost in trade deals or through outsourcing.

Fox Business News also reported that the U.S. economy added 235,000 net new jobs last month alone, exceeding the 190,000 that Wall Street expected. The labor market during President Trump's first full month in office in February has certainly strengthened far more than expected.

The jobs report is only the latest in a series of strong economic data reports this year that have also shown positive momentum in retails sales, as well as consumer confidence, manufacturing activity and the housing market.

There are of course still those who are claiming that Trump should not get full credit for the improvements in the economy and the boost in jobs creation, but even polls state that majority of Americans have confidence in Trump's ability to manage the economy, even when some of them may not agree with some of his political policies.


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