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Starbucks Laptop Theft Victim Jumped on Robbers’ Get Away Car to Stop Them

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A man was just enjoying his drink at Atlanta Starbucks while working on his Macbook when someone came running from outside and snatched his laptop from him. He tried to chase after the robber and his accomplices in an effort to retrieve his prized possession but ended up only sustaining injuries.

The unnamed victim was just staying inside Starbucks next to Barnes and Noble on Peachtree Road in Buckhead when the incident took place on Tuesday night at around 7:30 p.m. He said after the shocking snatching, he refused to let the robbers simply get away with their crime without him putting up a fight. He then put his safety and even life on the line when he decided to jump on the getaway car in the parking lot as the suspects were trying to escape on Peachtree Road.

The victim showed the local media the bruises he sustained from his effort to stop the robbers when he fell off of the moving getaway car. He tried to hold on to the car’s hood but the driver took off when he fell.

Authorities say the suspects also managed to escape from responding police cars.

The victim shared: “They put my life in danger, their life in danger, and everyone on the busy street in danger, even the cops.”

The incident is the latest in a series of Starbucks robberies targeting laptops of customers. Last month alone, there were three cases of thieves stealing electronics from people inside different Atlanta Starbucks stores.

A witness told the police to look for a 2015 white Honda Fit as the getaway car in the latest Starbucks laptop robbery incident. The police made contact but had to call off a chase once they felt that conditions were too dangerous.

The police officers are still looking for the robbers in the incident.


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