By: Savannah Smith | 01-28-2018 | News
Photo credit: Cook County Sheriff's Office

Latest Excuse: Pedophile Who Abused 2 Young Girls Claims 'Trans-Age'

A Chicago man accused of molesting three young girls over the last three years was confronted with the crime and gave an incredulous, if not out of this world “justification. The pedophile gave the strangest of alibis in this loose age of leftist identity and described himself as being a “trans-age.”

Suspected pedophile Joseph Roman, 38, claims he identifies as young boy. He is accused of repeated sexual assaults against girls aged 6 and 8. Prosecutors even say Roman is known by their families and was considered a friend. The outlandish thing is his excuse that he did what he did because he was “a 9-year-old trapped in an adult’s body.” And to him and his twisted mind, “real 9-year-olds are having sex with 6-year-olds.”

Roman admitted to sexually assaulting the 6-year-old victim after her family moved into Roman’s home. The abuses happened between August 2015 and December 2017 while the families slept.

In October 2016, Roman assaulted another 8-year-old girl while her family was also living with Roman.

Prosecutors say the victim’s mother worked at nights, and Roman volunteered to help take care of the children. One attack even took place while two younger children were in the room watching a video on a cellphone.

The attacks persisted even after the family moved out.

Roman did not stop his abuses. He assaulted another 6-year-old girl over the past year. The same pattern continued. Roman attacked the little poor girl while her mother slept. Their family was also staying with Roman then.

Roman was finally busted when the latest victim’s family, and another victim’s family, finally confronted him.

Roman admitted all his crimes on video. Roman has since been charged with a Class X felony, insisting he is a “9-year-old boy.”

Is Roman’s crimes or “thinking” the influence of too much leftist twisted logic? Regardless of what he feels or how he perceives himself , Roman- once his crimes are proven in court- is a pedophile and has to face the full consequences of his despicable abuses against innocent children who have nothing to do with his “creative imagination or hallucination” but whose lives he has ruined one way or another. They and their families certainly deserve justice.


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Anonymous No. 17004 2018-01-28 : 15:43

Castrate him at the neck! That will fix all his issues!

Anonymous No. 17009 2018-01-28 : 19:17

Fucking based!

Marty Black No. 17042 2018-01-29 : 12:02

And we knew this was coming.. When allowing, (even celebrating) the deranged to "identify" as something they are not…AND then trying to force the rest of the world to join in with the charade..well its a recipe for disaster..a man is a man, a woman is a woman, and a sick predator is still a sick predator!

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