By: Steve Dellar | 01-28-2018 | News
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Video - Miami Police Handcuff 7-Year-Old After Fight With Teacher

For the second time in three months, the Coral Way K-8 Center elementary school in Miami called upon local police to arrest the 7-year-old son of Ms Mercy Alvarez after another bust-up with a teacher. The mother cried as her son was handcuffed by a Miami-Dade Schools Police officer and taken into custody.

She has since placed a clip of the arrest on Facebook while vowing to press charges against the school.

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Ms Alvarez stated that “this is police abuse; a whim of the officer because my son was calm when they came to look for him.”

“The principal, the counselor, and two other people tried to prevent that action and the officer took the child anyway.”

A spokeswoman for the school Ms Jackie Calzadilla explained that the young boy “began behaving erratically and hit a teacher. Due to a great concern for the student and to ensure his safety and that of those around him, he was restricted according to the Baker Act and transported to the hospital to be evaluated.”

The female teacher, who is planning to press charges against the Latino family, says the child started hitting her after she told him in the cafeteria not to play with his food. The official school report indeed states that the boy “attacked the teacher by repeatedly punching her on her back.”

Miami-Dade Schools Police Chief Mr Ian Moffett admitted that handcuffing a 7-year-old is unusual, but “was warranted to prevent his erratic and violent behaviour from bringing further harm to others or himself.”

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Mercy Álvarez&#39;s child, whose name remains unidentified, was taken to Nicklaus Children&#39;s Hospital in Miami for a mental health evaluation <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Intl. Business Times (@IBTimes) <a href="">January 27, 2018</a></blockquote>

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Ana No. 17007 2018-01-28 : 19:01

Cops had every right to handcuff the little punk if he was acting erratically….Some MDs like his mom is part of the problem, cuz she's more worried about him being put in handcuffs than discipline her little punk…Special needs don't give you the right to hurt others without repercussions.

Dee No. 17008 2018-01-28 : 19:02

He& his mom need an ass whooping!!!

Anonymous No. 17010 2018-01-28 : 19:21

Wasnt first time for that kid apparently

Anonymous No. 17014 2018-01-28 : 21:38

Just a spic. Would be a criminal as an adult anyway.

Anonymous No. 17021 2018-01-29 : 00:03

It keeps the BRAT from causing more trouble… I have handcuffed many myself to avoid their arm grabbing biting, scratching and etc…

My youngest was a 10 year old pool hustler yes 10 y/o who took a cue ball blind sided and beat the crap out of a 20+ y/o guy who would not pay up after the kid bet on a trick shot and made. Laid him out, took his wallet and car keys walk out like it was a Sunday stroll.

No objections here to also cuffing arms to legs either.

Anonymous No. 17022 2018-01-29 : 00:52

It seems the child was being bullied by the teacher. This school to jail/prison pipeline is proven for decades to be real, and real profitable.

They did not have to cuff him. He was calm & his parent was there & could have taken him home. The teacher who wants to sue should be fired. She can sue her employer. There are countless children that are truly abused systemically by teachers, staff & officials of schools. I have documented this for years. These liberal NEA union psycho lefty choose your own gender, 4+4 can be 6, etc really traumatize children.

Anonymous No. 17023 2018-01-29 : 02:55

To 17022 - see your point but you gotta draw a line somewhere.

Anonymous No. 17099 2018-01-30 : 03:41

oh my god !! breaks my heart.

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