By: Savannah Smith | 01-28-2018 | News
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Potential Pedo Tries to Lure Girl into His Car with Puppies and Candies

A young girl was just walking home from Northrup School near Atlantic Boulevard and Mission Road in Alhambra when a potential pedophile tried to lure her into his car with a puppy and candies.

The incident took place around 1:05 p.m. Thursday. The man allegedly yelled at the girl: “Hey little girl, I have a little white puppy and some Jolly Ranchers.” The man followed that up with the indecent invite: “Get in the car and I’ll give it to you.”

The girl had the quick presence of mind to ran home. Police said the man sped off heading west on Mission Road. The girl readily told her mother about the incident, who then alerted the Alhambra Police Department.

Authorities describe the man as being Asian, in his 30s with short black hair, dark eyes, fair to tan complexion and clean shaven. He was also described as wearing a light blue shirt and jeans.

The suspect’s vehicle was also described as a bright red Toyota with four doors and possibly a Corolla model. The potential pedophile’s car also had a light tint on the window. The police added that the plate number began with a number 7.

The Alhambra Police are asking the public’s crucial help in finding the man so he could be questioned and possibly charged with trying to lure the young girl into his car.

The fact that the man is still at large continues to pose danger to other little girls whom he might try to also trick with the sweet promise of candies and puppies.

Anyone with information or tips is requested to immediately get in touch with the police at 626-570-5159.


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