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Parents Face Losing Custody Of Teen For Not Allowing Transgender Hormone Therapy

A judge in Ohio is set to rule next month whether the parents of a transgender boy will lose custody of their teen. Instead, prosecutors say the boy's custody should be signed over to the boy's grandparents because his mother and father won't allow the controversial hormonal therapy for transitioning to another gender.

Closing arguments started in December in Hamilton County Juvenile Court and ended Friday. The teen is now 17-years-old and wants to transition in gender but apparently can't wait a few more months until they are 18. Prosecutors say the teen's parents are in denial of his transgender status and have refused services from Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

One of the family's attorneys said Friday, the parents prefer therapy to "get to the underlying causes" of the teen's desire to transition to another gender. Judge Sylvia Hendon is set to issue a ruling before February 16. The Hamilton County assistant prosecutor in the case says the teen's parents stance could lead to suicide.

Job and Family Services was given temporary custody of the teen early last year and he was placed with his grandparents who say they "accept their grandson for who he is." The assistant prosecutor Don Clancy said, "This child teeters on the edge of suicidal ideation. A reasonable parent would never tell their own child to kill themselves because they were going to hell, anyway."

The parent's attorney, Karen Brinkman, says the teen is emotionally unstable and not equipped to make a decision about serious medical treatment. "The science says a more neutral environment with continued therapy to address the underlying issues is the best practice." Brinkman also claimed that the Children's Hospital's transgender clinic was "doing little more than experimenting on children to further their careers or bolster their reputations."

Brinkman maintains that the teen's parents don't disagree that the teen should continue to live with his grandparents, but they don't believe transitional therapy is the right treatment for their child.

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Anonymous No. 16985 2018-01-28 : 09:26

Let IT wait until IT is 18 and kick ITS butt out the door . Then IT can pay for the costs.

Either that or have the courts force mental health consoling on the nut case. Note a majority of these confused TG regret the decision later and large number commit suicide also.

It is a Mental Health Issue the Liberals are currently riding for PC and votes.

The American public does not support this. Ask Target whose stock dropped about 23% in a few months as store sales cratered, after its March-April 2016 Trans Bath room announcement.

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