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Trump to Corrupt Government: Release The FISA Memo!

In an outstanding display of solidarity with the American people to promote transparency in government President Trump has now stated that infamous Devin Nunes (R-CA) FISA memo is released to the people of this great nation.

With the neverending lies of the "Deep State", the RINOs (Republican in name only), the sore losers of the corrupt Democratic Party, and the alt-left media against the President of the United States of America, President Trump has made clear that the memo must be released to the public, as reported today in the<a href="">Washington Post</a>.

The entire left-wing mainstream media, owned by a handful of Globalists who perpetuate international Communists through their deception and efforts of "Cultural Marxist" indoctrination, have continued to chase the tail of a Russian ghost in a conspiracy that simply never happened.

The Department of Justice has even made efforts to keep this memo classified, in part because the corrupt Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has said that releasing the classified memo written by Congressional Republicans would be "extraordinarily reckless".

White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly has since told Attorney General Jeff Sessions that President Trump absolutely demands that the public see the memo, which will clear his campaign and transition of any wrongdoing and expose the plot against him from the hidden-hand of the Obama loyalists inside the government.

A Senior White House official has said to the<a href=""> Chicago Tribune </a> that Kelly and Sessions have spoken twice already on the matter, and apparently they're going to ultimately leave the decision up to Congress where it belongs.

"President Trump is inclined to have that released just because it will shed light," said a Senior Administration Official who was speaking on the condition of anonymity to recount private conversations. "Apparently all the rumors are that it will shed light, it will help the investigators come to a conclusion."

<b>The people are waiting, and their frustration grows with each passing day. Everything they've been told and have witnessed in the media is a complete lie.</b>

The country knows that the President of the United States of America cares for this nation, respects their interests, and wants to <i>"Make America Great Again"</i>, which is why the left is so scared of President Trump's endless victories because it will forever destroy their party.

It's also why the media, owned and controlled by marxists, have pushed the lie in defense of the Obama Regime to ensure it remains protected, and to try and slow down the complete annihilation of Obama's "legacy" which at this point has nothing left to claim except increased racial division in America, a failed economy, jobs being shipped overseas, and a multitude of other destructive social policies as well as some of the worst<a href=""> inner city crime rates </a>in America's history.

<strong><span style="color:red;">The ONLY "Russian Collusion" came from the Clinton Campaign financing Fusion GPS and when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton betrayed United States citizens and endangered America's National Security by selling<a href=""> Uranium One </a>to Putin. </span></strong>

As a result of a groundbreaking exposé on the Federal Bureau of Investigation which<a href="">The Goldwater reported</a>this week, we now know with complete certainty that at least some individuals inside of the FBI used their own personal surveillance efforts to spy on the Trump campaign and eventual transition team and also met with Fusion GPS in an effort to subvert our Constitutional Republic and its uniquely impartial democratic elections.

Even the then-NSA head Rogers sent a damning report to the FISA courts for their failures to prevent these corrupt and illicit wiretaps from occurring.

This means that the intelligence community which is paid for by the taxpayers has selected a candidate in Hillary Clinton that they tried to help win by giving an unfair advantage.

The media has been all but silent about these truths, outside of a handful of brave Republicans such as Senator<a href=""> Chuck Grassley </a>(R-IA), House Representative<a href=""> Trey Gowdy </a>(R-SC), and House Representative <a href=""> Matt Gaetz </a>(R-FL).

The efforts of the alt-left media pushing a narrative of completely bogus claims involving the President to attempt to tie him into a conspiracy or Russian interference of the 2016 elections have been fruitless, and have yet to display <i>any evidence whatsoever</i> of meddling by either side.

The people of America have continuously demanded that the memo be released, through the major efforts of the "#ReleaseTheMemo" campaign on social media to pressure our government to come clean about the truths that they're aware of.

Of course, that hasn't stopped the Communists inside the Democratic Party from making even more false claims to try and keep the memo silent.

The ignorant Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) has even made demands to Facebook and Twitter to<a href=""> "ban the Russian Bots" </a>he and Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) claim are behind the "Release The Memo," campaign, which is an intentionally deceptive tactic to rally his low IQ democratic base.

These ignorant Democrats seemingly believe they can stop the truth from coming out. I hate to break it to the left, but <i>"We The People"</i> are at least <i>sixty-three million strong</i> and we are not going away.

What we <i>do know without a shadow of a doubt</i> that Hillary Clinton's Campaign did cooperate with foreign intelligence services to try and discredit then-Candidate Donald J. Trump, since her own moronic campaign spokesman Brian Fallon<a href=""> bragged that he was "damn glad the Clinton Campaign colluded with Russia to smear Trump </a>, which even prompted a response from White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

That's the <i>real "Russian Collusion"</i>, and in fact, it shows collusion with British intelligence and Russian officials.

We know this because<a href=""> John McCain and David Kramer also had knowledge of the dossier </a>given to them in advance via a <i>British Ambassador to Russia</i>, Sir Andrew Wood, which the House Intelligence Committee has already taken questions from Kramer over.

As The Goldwater reported earlier this month, we know that the FBI sent "someone" to Rome to meet with Christopher Steele, which means the<a href=""> FBI was helping the Clinton Campaign </a>directly because the Clinton Campaign paid for the Fusion GPS Dossier.

We also know the Obama Administration was fully aware of the fake dossier since Glenn Simpson's wife Mary Jacoby made a visit to the White House<a href=""> as far back as April 19th of 2016</a>.

Around the same time as the Obama Administration was engaged in the conspiracy themselves, Fusion GPS hired the Nellie Ohr, who was the wife of the Associate Deputy Attorney General of the United States Department of Justice,<a href=""> Bruce Ohr</a>.

We know that multiple people in our government's Department of Justice, such as former Associate Deputy AG Bruce Ohr, former FBI Director James Comey, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, disgraced FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, and many others sought to bring down President Trump even before his election at the will of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's shadow government, and they've <i>continued to try and takedown Trump</i> ever since.

<b>The entire corrupt government was against Donald J. Trump - he knows it - the American people know it - and the media knows it too.</b>

<strong><span style="color:red;">The President has spoken as have the American people: RELEASE THE MEMO! </span></strong>

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James Dittrich No. 16961 2018-01-28 : 02:52



Anonymous No. 16987 2018-01-28 : 09:38


Any official word if "Form 1649" refers American Deep State version to the Jan. 1649 coup of King Charles I of England?

Where their elected and appointed leaders overthrew their top leader and murdered him to reform the government their way.

Was this a warning that the DC Swamp and Deep State had plans for Trump on or before Jan 31st like the 1649 incident?

Or does it suggest a reverse situation where the elected and appointed leaders lost their heads for treason?

Whatever the case I guess Sean Hannity will have a lot of listeners come Monday?

An any such plans for a Deep State induced end of January surprise accident or sudden health issue will now need to put off.

Alex No. 16989 2018-01-28 : 10:21

☝️Awesome article, very informative!

Great picture 😁

Thank you 👊🇺🇸



Lionessofsocial No. 17012 2018-01-28 : 20:33

Excellent article, very consicise and cohesive .Good overview shows traitors for what they are.

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