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Hillary Accused of Tolerating Her Adviser’s Sexual Misconduct

Defeated Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is an avowed feminist, a supporter of supposed women’s rights. Yet some of her biggest actions both on her personal and political life show otherwise like the way she turned a blind eye to the sexual scandals involving her husband, former president Bill Clinton with various women.

The latest revelation is that Hillary protected a former 2008 presidential adviser, Burns Strider after he was accused of sexual harassment by a younger female campaign associate.

Strider happened to be Hillary’s “faith adviser” during the 2008 campaign. Strider proved her loyalty to Hillary anew when he worked for a group that supported her 2016 presidential run before luck ran out for him and he was eventually fired for similar accusations of harassment.

Reports from various sources say Hillary was then informed of the accusations against Strider, and that her campaign manager advised her to dismiss him. Hillary, however, decided to tolerate Strides and keep him on her campaign. Much like the way she tolerated her philandering husband, opted to keep him, too, and instead turn the tables on his women-victims.

Strider was only penalized several weeks of pay and was asked to undergo counseling.

An unnamed 30-year-old woman who shared an office with Strider said he rubbed her shoulders, sent “suggestive” emails and also kissed her on the forehead. Hillary’s campaign manager then, Patti Sols Doyle alerted her to the complaint but Hillary still decided not to fire Strider.

Ironically for Hillary, it is the women-led and women-centered #MeToo movement that’s led to hundreds of women coming forward and telling their stories of sexual harassment and assault that also triggered the allegations against Strider to finally surface.

Strider is a co-founder and president of the Washington D.C.-based Christian lobbying firm American Values Network, which was formed in 2010. He is also the co-founder and principal of the consulting firm The Eleison Group.

The law firm that represented Clinton during her 2008 run issued a statement through a spokesperson regarding the matter and said “a process has been put in place” to deal with accusations of harassment and that it was followed in Strider’s case.

The case illustrates anew where Hillary really stands on issues she says she cares about like women’s rights and women’s empowerment and proves just how she can lie even about these important matters.


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Mdic No. 16953 2018-01-27 : 19:55

Hillary is a child trafficker & a pedophile herself so why would she care if someone else had inappropriate behavior?

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