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Snapchat Killer Sentenced

Another case of Islam in action has come to its conclusion today, with a violent 16-year-old Muslim having stabbed another teen to death because the teenager sent him laughing emojis on Snapchat being sentenced to fifteen years behind bars for his crimes.

Authorities say that the victim, 16-year-old Osman Sharif, a Christian, was in a group chat with several other London teenagers who were all trolling 16-year-old Abdulrahman Ali, a Muslim, inside of the chat.

In what should have been a case of "boys being boys," it suddenly escalated into Abdulrahman Ali beginning to threaten to murder Sharif by "wet", which is a slang term used for "stabbing".

Once Osman sent laughing emojis, thinking it was just a joke, Abdulrahman Ali continued to make death threats suggesting he would then give Osman a <i>"drilling"</i>, which is slang for "beating someone up", followed by saying he would <i>"rise the burning"</i>, which is slang for "getting a gun" to shoot someone.

Other children who were in the chat witnessed the back and forth and didn't assume that the radical Muslim Abdulrahman Ali was serious, but for Ali, much like any other criminal and dangerous Muslim, it was <i>Allah's will</i>.

Ali reportedly then armed himself with a 12.5" knife, a popular weapon used on the streets of London by Islamic gangs (the fact that London's streets are overridden with Islamic gangs at all is grossly concerning), to prepare for his self-described "mission for Allah".

With the intent to kill, Ali would head to Tottenham Green to stalk his prey, the location where all of the children were grouped together as a hangout.

Once Ali saw Osman he began charging towards him. The two would wrestle as Osman attempted to save himself, but he was no match for the massive blade that Ali had, and Ali drove it deep into Osman's chest.

The other children stood in both shock and horror as the violent Muslim savage stabbed through Osman's rib cage, damaging his lungs, liver, and heart as the knife became embedded in the boy's chest.

Ali then ran from the scene and headed towards the Broadwater Farm Estate, after which he ran to his parents to change out of the blood-stained clothes he was wearing during the senseless killing.

Ali's father called police when he saw the blood on his son, who lied to his dad saying that <i>he'd been assaulted by Islamophobic teens</i>.

Once police arrived, however, they were already aware of the crimes committed by the Muslim animal and placed him under arrest for the horrific stabbing.

Despite the efforts of the leftist controlled London media to keep Ali's name hidden because of his age and being a "Muslim who could suffer Islamophobic attacks if it were revealed", Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC immediately lifted the bar at the beginning of the trial to name the killer.

Both the prosecution and the Judge blasted Ali during the trial, with Judge Hilliard saying, "Knives used by young people in violent attacks in London is of huge public concern."

"Time and again they are used to lethal effect and with devastating consequences for families of the victims," Hilliard said. "This was murder in broad day on the streets of London. You chose to carry a knife that day."

Ali's defense attorneys attempted to argue that it was a brawl in which he was being "picked on" for being Muslim and that the killing was somehow in self-defense.

During his testimony, Ali stated it was an "accident," even crying on the witness stand to proclaim his innocence.

Osman's older brother Mohammed Abu-Bakar said of the victim, "He was always laughing and joking with friends and built strong relationships with everyone he met due to his great bubbly loving personality."

The circumstances of his death, alone and by "extreme violence", had increased the "heartbreak and trauma" to his family, he said.

The Old Bailey jury said that Ali intended to commit murder the moment he lived up the knife.

Ali was found guilty, with Judge Hilliard ordering the ingrate detained at Her Majesty's pleasure for up to fifteen years incarceration (stunning, for a murder, but London isn't called <i>Londonstan</i> for no reason).

Judge Hilliard also read aloud a letter from Ali to the court where he attempted to sway them that "his heart is filled with both sadness and regret," but the Judge stated that "Only time will tell if there is genuine and deep remorse for what you have done."

This is an almost daily occurrence in London, although not always fatal, the Muslim migration has destroyed the once proud and prominent city, that now resembles the middle east.

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