By: Kyle James | 01-26-2018 | News
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Strangers Gave This Unclaimed Veteran The Funeral He Deserved

When a veteran came home to Memphis, Tennessee in a wooden box with a flag draped over it, no family could be found to receive him."We just know he was a veteran and that he's passed with no one here," Pete Thedford of the Patriot Guard Riders said.

The Navy veteran Robert L. Kemp died in a Memphis hospital in early January but not a single family member could be found. A group of strangers who love motorcycles and supporting veterans called the Patriot Guard Riders stepped in to be his family and pallbearers.

"No veteran should be buried without a family, so we're the veteran's family," Thedford continued. Dozens of others also came to the chapel at the cemetery to pay respects to Kemp and honor his service.

"I love my country. I can't let someone not be here for him," said a tearful Sue Giannini. The funeral service was somber as people offered their attendance as one last tribute.

The Patriot Guard is a network and internet group that keeps informed of funeral events for service members and first responders. No one should be left behind on the battlefield or at home.

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