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Ron Jeremy Banned From AVN Awards After 12 Women Accuse Him of Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct accusations have seen careers destroyed such as Kevin Spacey or Harvey Weinstein, but now the movement has targeted adult film star, Ron Jeremy. The 64-year-old porn star is being accused of sexual harassment and rape by several women.

Now, the iconic adult film star has been banned, not uninvited, banned, from the Adult Entertainment Expo and Awards in Las Vegas. "I have never and would never rape anyone," Jeremy said. In previous interviews, the aging porn star did admit to groping women. "I get paid to show up to these shows, events, and photo shoots and touch the people and they touch me."

Jeremy went on to say the awards "are a lot more conservative than you would think they are. I would follow the rules, but I guess they thought I wouldn't. I'm not God’s gift to women. I am not saying, 'Step back Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, Ron Jeremy is here.' I am old, I am chunky. [But fans] want to see it."

So far, over 12 women have come forward to report allegations against Jeremy of sexual misconduct spanning over 30 years. He adamantly denies the allegations. "For over 40 years fans and fellow performers pay money and wait in long lines to meet me," he said.

"They want autographs, pictures, to flirt with me, physically grab me in different areas (usually my clothed penis), they ask me to touch them and many ask to have me sign their boobs."

Jeremy continued, "When I take photos with fans and other performers at these conventions, signings or events, I do sometimes kiss people on the lips or the cheek, sign boobs or whatever they want. There is 'put on' flirting and touching for the photos."

"This is exactly what people pay me for at conventions … If you watch these videos that Ginger Banks put out of me 'groping,' you see that everyone in the videos is laughing and 'groping' too. That I‘m not running up to them, they come to me."

One woman, adult film star Jennifer Steele, said in 1997 Jeremy sexually assaulted her twice during a photo shoot in which she was asked to simulate sex. Steele says Jeremy penetrated her without consent.

"It turned into him basically sticking it in without me knowing it was happening," Steele said. "I said flat-out no … He doesn't hear no. He just kinda keeps going and pretends like you didn't say anything. During the whole photo shoot, I was thinking, "Was I just raped? What the f–k just happened?"

Steele claims he sexually assaulted her a second time in 2014 when she returned to his apartment. "This was after so many times of saying no and realizing that wasn't gonna work," Steele said. Jeremy denies the allegations saying, "Why would she decide to go to her rapist‘s home? Give me a f—king break. It is just not true."

This isn't a great start to 2018 for Jeremy, in fact, it just might be the beginning of the end of his career as an adult film star.

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Anonymous No. 16830 2018-01-25 : 20:48

What?!!!! Ron Jeremy … Sexual Misconduct? For fuck's sake let's see the footage!

Anonymous No. 16832 2018-01-25 : 21:48

OK the guy HAS GOTTEN more than

Wilt Chamberlain. He holds a World Record for appearances in movies.

Yes it is all related to PORN.

But I am lost at how a porn star charges sexual misconduct while appearing the movies with him?

I bet these allegations are limper than _ (insert a name).

Anonymous No. 16834 2018-01-25 : 22:09

Fuck that jew! Slutpocalypse now!…I do think these cunts are full of shit though.

Anonymous No. 16904 2018-01-27 : 00:54

I hope someone beats this kike to death w a baseball bat!!!

Anonymous No. 16905 2018-01-27 : 00:55

Every slut in the porn industry should off themselves!

Anonymous No. 17094 2018-01-30 : 01:42

I met him in 2000 and he was nice and well mannered. He shook my hand, his was a little clammy, but I was able to wash my hand quickly after that hand shake. This Sexual misconduct stuff is getting out of hand. It is obvious that it is really a ploy against white American males. This will further the feminist and BLM agenda.

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