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Trump's First Year In Office Was More Successful Than Ronald Reagan

Many of Trump's policies pursued by his administration are actually very close to the recommendations of a leading conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation.

The conservative Heritage Foundation ranks President Trump's first year in office even better than conservative icon President Ronald Reagan's first year as president.

That may come as a shock to some people but the reality is unemployment is near record lows and more jobs were created in Trump's first year as president than Obama's entire presidency. But those are facts, and if your mind is already made up your probably not interested in those.

Kay Coles James, the new president of the Heritage Foundation, said, "This administration is doing quite well in terms of advancing a conservative agenda — clearly, quite well." The Heritage Foundation began developing a list of 334 policies in 2016 that a new Republican administration could adopt.

Among the suggestions were things like reimposing work requirements for welfare recipients, ending the program that shields young illegal immigrants, eliminating certain gender identity protections, and withdrawing from the Paris climate accord.

A whopping 64% of the 334 policies suggested by the Heritage Foundation were enacted by the Trump administration, some through executive order. Now, compare that to Reagan's first year in office where only 49% of Heritage's wish list items were embraced or enacted by the president.

It is quite possible in a decade, or two decades, or ten decades, Republican's will look back at Trump as an American hero for essentially devoting the last years of his life towards correcting the course of a nation that is dangerously close to the precipice. Government grew out of control under Obama and many of his policies flew in the face of the constitution.

Not to mention his criminal involvement in an illegal FISA warrant used to spy on Trump during his campaign to become president. On top of that, the witch hunt perpetrated by Democrats just flies in the face of reason when you compare the accusations against Trump to the crimes we know Hillary committed.

This Mueller investigation has gone on for a year and they have yet to find a single piece of evidence that Trump colluded with Russia. The most they found was some money laundering by a person hired by his campaign that didn't have anything to do with Trump and then a couple people weren't completely honest when the FBI interviewed them.

Every time Hillary opened her mouth during the course of the email scandal she was lying but the FBI didn't prosecute her, they helped her cover up whisk away her crimes. Where is the special investigation into the illegal activities involving Uranium One? Where are the 17 lawyers combing through every inch of Hillary's files and finding out exactly what she was up to?

Oh, that's right. That won't happen because Hillary, the officials at the FBI and the Democrats all colluded to bring this investigation against Trump. There was never any real concern that Trump was working with Russia, they never thought the country was in danger.

This is all a part of their liberal agenda to discredit their enemy by any means possible and direct attention away from their own criminal dealings. More credit should be given to Trump, he has had more hate, accusations, and derogatory comments from all types of people from media personalities to stuck up celebrities who vowed they would leave the country if he were elected.

The 23 left-wing celebrities who publicly vowed to leave the US are all still in America and the country didn't collapse, nuclear war didn't break out, the sky isn't falling.

It may take some time, but eventually, the world will recognize that the facts don't lie and the reality is that Trump isn't such a bad president after all.

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Anonymous No. 16824 2018-01-25 : 18:48

Trump is our last hope to clean up the corruption. If Hildabeast would have stole the election, she would have finished Obummers work at bringing the US to its knees,

Thank God for Trump!!!!!!

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