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IS Cell Barcelona Wanted To Blow Eiffel Tower

Two years ago, part of an IS terror-cell was arrested in Belgium in a bloody shootout with police. As the other members of the cell were terrified their covers would be blown, they rushed into action and bombed the Brussels airport and metro, leaving 32 dead.

A year ago, Spanish police was hot on the heels of another local IS terror cell in Barcelona. As one of them had been identified in the Spanish press, the other members of the group rushed into action and finished with a bloody attack on the Barcelona Ramblas, killing 16 people and injuring 140 others.

However, two Spanish investigators who have researched the Barcelona IS cell for over a year now were able to find that the original plan was something different and that the Ramblas attack was a last-minute change.

Mr Fernando Reinares and Mr Carola Garcia-Calvo, the two terrorist researchers at the Elcano Institute in Madrid presented their conclusions to the press today. Surprisingly, they said that the original plot of the group had been to blow up the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The terrorists had switched to plan B when on Wednesday, August 16, two days before the Barcelona attack, there was an explosion in a house that served as a hiding place and bomb factory. There the remains of two terrorists were found. One of them was Abdelbaki Es Satty, the imam who is now seen as leader of the group.

In the ruins documents and enough material were found to make bombs weighing 250 kilos. From videos recovered at the location that the terrorists themselves made it appears that the Eiffel Tower was the main goal. In addition, the Sagrada Familia and Nou Camp, the stadium of FC Barcelona were also targeted.

The information was immediately shared with the French authorities.


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