By: Kyle James | 01-25-2018 | News
Photo credit: Reuters: Esam Omran Al-Fetori

Video Emerges Of 'Brutal Summary Executions' In Libya Following Car Bombing

The United Nations Libya mission has condemned what they are calling "brutal and outrageous summary executions" in the eastern city of Benghazi. The revelation was received after pictures emerged that appear to show at least 10 people being shot to death at the site of a twin car bombing.

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The picture and video are being circulated on social media and appear to show the executions in front of Benghazi's Bayaat al-Radway mosque at the site of two car bombings Tuesday that killed at least 35 people. Gunmen dressed in military fatigues stand in front of a row of blindfolded alleged terrorists in blue jumpsuits.

The scene is made all the more ominous by the damaged mosque gates in the foreground that were destroyed by the car bomb. The lead gunman walks along the row of men and fires a barrage of bullets into them all. Crowds watching the execution chant, "The martyrs blood will not go in vain."

Other men in military fatigues loaded up the dead bodies into two trucks and drove off. The UN Libya mission, UNSMIL, demanded on Twitter that the gunman who they believe to be Mahmoud al-Werfalli be immediately handed over to the International Crime Court (ICC).

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">1/2 UNSMIL is alarmed by reports of brutal and outrageous summary executions in <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#Benghazi</a> 2day. <a href="">@UN</a> demands the handing over of Mahmoud alWerfalli immediately to <a href="">@ICCT_TheHague</a> as it documented at least 5 similar cases, in 2017 alone, carried out or ordered by alWerfalli.</p>&mdash; UNSMIL (@UNSMILibya) <a href="">January 24, 2018</a></blockquote>

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Mahmoud al-Werfalli is a special forces commander wanted by the ICC for carrying out similar executions in the past. The LNA announced it was investigating al-Werfalli and had even detained him at one point but his whereabouts are currently unclear. Human rights activists will be quick to condemn the executions but one must consider the entire picture in all its context.

In a third-world country where terrorists are allowed to roam free and murder as they wish because of a lack of a structured government, military and police force, it is perhaps the only method of sending a message to such criminals that the killing of innocent civilians will not go unpunished.

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Anonymous No. 16794 2018-01-25 : 10:16

Are Obama, Hillary, Kerry and the US State Dept happy with the ARAB SPRING mess THEY CAUSED?

While the dictators they brought down or hamstrung used brutal controls. At least they had control of their countries and people.

Controls that seem to hold in check a majority of their people and quickly eliminate Iranian ISIS type Islamic Radicals Terrorists. These dictators also had more peace, FAR LESS innocent civilian deaths, terrorist murders, radicals and terrorism being exported. To Europe and the Southeast Asia and the USA.

It is like these Liberals blindly open the gates for IRAN's State funded Islamic Terrorism and even sent them a few plane loads of $$$$$$.

This failed or maybe Obama wanted result has resulted in close to 1 Million deaths.

So LIBERALS - You need to learn that the Muslim and Western Cultures are in fact near totally different. What works here does not work there. In many of these countries a comparison could be drawn between 1200-1600 AD type an Authoritative Leader managing the communities Social controls and practices used by many Muslim Authority Leaders. Verses the 1950-2010 AD type Western Social controls called civilized democracy.

Anonymous No. 16816 2018-01-25 : 15:44

16794 We are on the same page - I think it was the liberal plan all along to unseat the dictators that had to rule with an iron fist to keep some semblance of order. With the brutal leaders out of power it allowed the likes of the Islamic state actors to run wild. That caused others that didn't like the violence especially as the underdog to flee. Now those that fled went to countries with order and laws. Then some of these people realized that they can be the aggressors in their "new" country cause no one is fighting back. And the icing on the cake for the Dems and liberals here in the US is the hopes that they will vote Democratic. The Dems bolster this vote with entitlement programs and telling their new base that they wont get free shit unless they vote Democratic.

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