By: Kyle James | 01-25-2018 | News
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Robbers Tell Security Guard Their Weapons Fake, He Shoots Them And Says 'Mine Is Real'

Two violent felons held up a 7-Eleven in California and the security footage of the incident has gone viral after the security guard shot both the robbers. The robbery took place last month in the city of Gardena in Los Angeles County but the location of the 7-Eleven was only recently confirmed by the Sheriff's department.

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The surveillance video shows two hooded teens carrying at least one handgun enter the 7-Eleven, jump over the counter and order the cashier to open the register. For whatever reason, they didn't notice the security guard outside. The cashier backs away with his hands in the air as the guard bursts through the door with a revolver.

The security guard comes in and starts shooting right away at the two thugs. They drop to the ground and cry out that they aren't armed and their weapon is fake. The guard fires one more shot and then said, "Oh, well. Mine is real." The whole shooting takes place in a few seconds and the robbers comply after being shot.

This guard handled this really well, deadly force was authorized, people were in danger of serious bodily injury or harm when these thugs used a deadly weapon to commit armed robbery, a felony. The Gardena police say the teens survived the shooting and the guard is not facing any charges.

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Anonymous No. 16795 2018-01-25 : 10:28

Would you trust life to an Armed Robber that when confronted with ARMED response, that suddenly "CLAIMS" their weapon is fake?

Anonymous No. 16796 2018-01-25 : 10:32

BTW: pause the video at 1:23-1:24 just before it ends. The fake pistol on the counter looks real to me. The want-a-be thugs are lucky to be alive.

Marty Black No. 16804 2018-01-25 : 11:14

That security guard is the MAN!!


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