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Rioting In The Streets Might Get You Paid

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A jury has awarded $75,000 to a man who was rioting in the streets of Baltimore last year. 26-year-old Larry Lomax was in violation of the law when he approached officers with an angry look yelling at them to arrest him.

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If Lomax had continued walking towards officers and they didn't have pepper spray there could be a case that because of his size, actions, words, and demeanor that those officers were in fear of serious bodily injury or harm and shooting him may have even been justified.

Because of race, the man who was out during riots late at night, provoking police, disorderly conduct, all criminal acts, is getting paid. Anyone with common sense would not have been doing what Lomax did, and none of the officers were charged for how they responded.

Lomax's attorney sued sed Lt. Christopher O’Ree and Sgt. Keith Gladstone in Baltimore Circuit Court accusing them of battery and acting with excessive force. The video shows Lomax clearly agitated and in a threatening posture approaching the officers with the intention to intimidate.

The use of the chemicals the police sprayed on him were within policy but Lomax's attorney says they caused him to go blind, got in his nose and mouth, and the burn lingered for 21 days. Well, of course, it's supposed to do that. If those two officers hadn't stopped Lomax who is to say he doesn't overpower one and knock out the other taking their guns.

Lomax stands at 5'5'' and weighs 230 pounds and he comes at officers shouting, "Arrest me! Arrest me! I’m right here." A jury ended up acquitting Lomax of disorderly conduct five months after his arrest because no one wants to admit fault when the race card is involved.

Let's not charge this guy, let's punish the police by making them go to court and go through this process when they were doing a job. In fact, it's so politically correct to side with the poor black person the jury even awarded him $75,000 on top of it. Lomax was not the only one arrested that night during the rioting.

There were hundreds of arrests and there have been several men who have sied Baltimore police after their arrests in the riots. The rioters complained of contusions, never damage, swelling and internal injuries. Today's society is so entitled that even if you get hurt during a criminal act like destroying some hardworking, tax-paying citizen's business your somehow the victim.

Some of the charges levied against people that night were dropped, others were released without charges and even Lomax pleaded guilty to his disorderly conduct charge but it was overturned after appealing to the Circuit Court. Prosecutors also dropped additional charges against him. And guess who pays him his $75,000? The taxpayers.

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Anonymous No. 16799 2018-01-25 : 10:55

BLM Lomax - will eventually meet Karma.

An Karma is has a database on him.

I hope the police appeal.

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