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Oscars Hypocrisy Begins: Anti-Gun, Anti-Rape, Anti-...

A short film titled “DeKalb Elementary” about a bookkeeper at a DeKalb school who talked down a gunman was nominated for an Oscar Tuesday morning.

The film replays a harrowing real-life moment in 2013 when Michael Brandon Hill entered Ronald E.McNair Discovery Learning Academy armed with an AK-47, firing shots at the ground and proclaiming to school officials: “I’m not afraid to die.”

Antoinette Tuff tried then to speak calmly to the shooter, told him she loved him and even offered to walk outside with him to surrender to police so that they wouldn’t shoot him in return for the chaos he started.

The film is by Reed Van Dyk and is among five films nominated in the “Live Action Short Film” category.

The nomination comes on the same day as a school shooting in Kentucky took place, already the second this week.

Tuff for her part went on to write the memoir “Prepared for a Purpose” about that said event. She has also become an in-demand speaker.

“DeKalb Elementary” is perceived by some as an anti-gun movie. There are critics familiar with the inner workings of the Oscars who are convinced with the nomination. These critics talk of the highly-politicized and even hypocritical environment the supposedly prestigious award-giving body operates in.

For one, the Oscars may give its nod to an anti-gun film which equates gun ownership with violence, yet it is no secret that Hollywood’s top stars and other big-time players employ numerous bodyguards for their personal safety and security. Of course, the private and highly-paid bodyguards also happen to be heavily armed.

In a spate of huge and shocking revelations, the whole media and entertainment industries were exposed to their despicable culture of rape. Yet Hollywood’s response, including award-giving bodies, is nothing but an empty token like stars and celebrities wearing black to show their protest for the abuses. It is as if such a complex, deeply-rooted and massive anomaly could be fixed by wearing black and similar shallow gestures. Neither is the problem eliminated simply by following the path of liberals like screaming women’s right but fundamentally achieving nothing. Or merely handing out more awards to women as if offering consolation prizes.


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Anonymous No. 16770 2018-01-24 : 17:52

How about anti Homowood?

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