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Flat Earth Rocket Man Will Launch In February, This Time On Private Land

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Last year, The Goldwater reported on a flat-earther who built his own <a href="">rocket</a> to get into space with the goal of proving the earth was flat.

The man's name is "Mad" Mike Hughes and he must be mad if he is smart enough to build a rocket but doesn't believe the earth is round.

Hughes planned to launch himself last year from the ghost town of Amboy in California but his launch was shut down after the Bureau of Land Management prohibited him from launching on public land.

Now, "Mad" Mike Hughes is set on launching his rocket again, this time from the private land so the BLM will not shut him down. He wants to get into space for the sole purpose of proving the earth is flat.

Poor Mike, he is in for a rude awakening when he gets up several thousand feet high, he is going to see that the world is in fact round.

Even if you take a commercial flight, you can see the curvature of the earth from 35,000 feet. There are also numerous experiments one can do on their own without going to space that prove the earth is round.

Well, good luck to "Mad" Mike, his launch is scheduled for February 3 and since it will be on private land there should be no legal hiccups at launch.

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Anonymous No. 16743 2018-01-24 : 09:16


Anonymous No. 16756 2018-01-24 : 13:41

Let me simplify this.

Hire a Private Jet fly to 44,000+ and disprove your stupid idea.

Save about $2 million and get it done inside 6 hours.

Or it is the Media attention you wanted.

Anonymous No. 16758 2018-01-24 : 13:56

Round earth is a jew lie. Flight is impossible. Planes are fake and nobody has ever flown. Wake up sheeple you are educated stupid.

Anonymous No. 16764 2018-01-24 : 15:12

Even easier than 16756 said. Just go to a mountain top with a car and you will be higher and safer than a silly steam powered rocket.

Wonder if the private land owner is ready for the lawsuit for allowing this idiot a place to commit suicide?

RobC No. 16877 2018-01-26 : 16:28

He could go to Russia and pay €15k to go up in a Mig29, They go into the stratosphere so he'll definitely see a globe. I'm guessing if he's successful the FE idiots will claim NASA got to him.

Chris No. 16885 2018-01-26 : 18:10

When he goes 2000 feet above the Earth surface he's still gonna see flat, u gotta be way higher

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