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See Why You Don't Bite An iPhone Battery: It Explodes

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Batteries contain chemicals that are harmful to humans, that is why you're not supposed to do things like put one in your mouth or bite one. That is the lesson a man in a Chinese electronics store learned the hard way after he bit an old iPhone battery and it exploded.

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The explosion was captured on the store's security cameras and the ten-second clip soon went viral. The unnamed man and his friend were standing near a workbench while he waited for his iPhone battery to be replaced. Other customers and employees are standing nearby when the man bites the old battery from his iPhone and it explodes.

The explosion caused a bright flash of light, some smoke, and a loud bang but no injuries were reported. After the explosion, the battery flies behind the counter from the man's hand. Apparently, the man decided to bite the battery to test its authenticity or durability, much like the test for real gold can be performed by biting.

Fake goods are extremely prevalent in Chinese electronic stores and they are known for the fake goods trade. The customer apparently felt the need to test the battery and it turned out to be a bad idea. It is unclear if the battery he bit was a genuine Apple battery but it seems that the man may have been attempting to exchange his old battery in Apple's new discounted program.

The discounted battery replacement was offered by Apple after they announced they <a href="">slowed down</a> iPhones to account for weak batteries. Phone processors could not operate at their optimum abilities with a weaker and weaker battery so Apple decided to just reduce the throttle or limit the ability of the processor which reduced the energy demand and the risk for damage.

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wow that is crazy!

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