By: Kyle James | 01-23-2018 | News
Photo credit: Tumika La-Sha

Video: Comedian Violently Assaulted On Stage During Comedy Set

One comedy show in Los Angeles turned ugly when a drunk guy from the audience tried to kill the comedian on stage.

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Comic Steve Brown was performing his act at the Comedy House when he was brutally assaulted and injured by an attacker who ran on stage.

The assault grew into more than a fist fight and became deadly when the drunk attacker grabbed a mic stand and swung it at Brown.

The bottom of the mic stand flew off nearly striking another audience member and turning the stand into a metal spear. At this point, Brown's life is in danger and security is nowhere to be seen.

The video starts with the attacker already on the stage and from the point that the video begins to the time help arrives is 30 seconds.

A large man with a six-foot metal pole can do some serious damage in 30 seconds. Brown handled the situation reasonably well but he may not have realized how much danger he was in.

It was probably not a good idea to try and confront the man once he had a deadly weapon. The attacker was swinging the spear with everything he had and if he decided to stab Brown with it he could have easily been killed.

Any reasonable person would agree that he was at risk of serious bodily injury or harm, that being said someone probably could have shot this guy and it would have been justified.

If I were in Brown's position, I would not have tried to face off with the man. The risk of getting speared through the eyeball or taking the six-foot pole through the jugular is not worth a comedy show.

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He ended up with only minor injuries such as the one Brown shared on Instagram.

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Anonymous No. 16712 2018-01-23 : 15:51

Oh, those people, nhi

Anonymous No. 16755 2018-01-24 : 13:37

WHY did the nut job go bizerk? Did the comedy skit have something he was offended by?

While its no excuse, I am curious.

Lowbrow No. 16779 2018-01-25 : 01:21

What was the joke that set that lunatic off?

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