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George Soros VS Hungary: Law Targeting Soros-Backed Groups To Be Unleashed

The spokesman of Hungary’s governing Fidesz party said that the party will likely submit a new law regulating non-governmental organizations within two weeks. The new Law will require agent organizations seeking to influence Hungarian politics to reveal the sources of any foreign funding. It’s without a doubt that this Law will target groups that are backed by Hungarian-born U.S. financier George Soros.

The Hungarian government is seeking to keep organizations such as the Hungarian Committee and the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union out of the country, this is after realizing the true nature of their agenda which is totally different from the guise of offering legal aid and other services to migrants and refugees.

Fidesz party spokesman, Janos Halasz said that Brussels and the Soros organizations have launched an intense attack on Hungary, adding that the organizations supporting migration are aiding and abetting the migrants, encouraging them to migrate illegally, confront authorities and break law and hence he emphasized that the country will not tolerate that.

The ultra-nationalist Jobbik party and Fidesz approved a new set of rules limiting the rights of asylum-seekers, measures which have been strongly criticized by the United Nations refugee agency, the Council of Europe and some of the NGOs that are partly funded by George Soros.

One of the lawmakers of Fidesz party said that the Soros-backed organizations need to be swept out of the country. This move has also been supported by an Open Society Foundations representative who said that Soros and his foundation are becoming convenient scapegoats for politicians across the region.

The director of the Open Society Initiative for Europe made a statement to the Associated Press saying that in Romania, the foundation is labeled as pro-Hungarian and undermines Romanian statehood.

George Soros made a statement in which he pointed out that his motivation for supporting civic groups was the same as during the communist era, which apparently ended back in 1990. He also said that their goal is to hold governments accountable to the people, the majority of whom are motivated by the same impulse that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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