By: Earnest Jones | 03-09-2017 | News
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RET. Russian Col. Warns The U.S. Says Russia Is Seeding The U.S. Shoreline W/ Nuclear Mole Missiles

Russian military expert Viktor Baranetz who is a retired colonel and former defense ministry spokesman asserted in an article posted in Russian tabloid Komosolskaya that Russia has asymmetrical responses to the increase in the U.S. military budget.

A report by the Middle East Media Research Institute indicates that Russia is quietly seeding the U.S. shoreline with nuclear mole missiles that dig themselves in and sleep until they are given the command to detonate.

The U.S. has had a track record of having the largest military budget of up to $600 billion, which is 10 times more than Russia. The addition of military budgets of the top ten countries in the world is still not enough to equate to that of the U.S. Surprisingly, it turns out that even that is not enough since President Trump intends to increase the defense expenditure by $54 billion. An amount that’s enough to maintain 10 Ukraine armies.

President Trump does not appear to be swayed by the American public since he understands what his Trump card is: He is buying the support of the army so that he can deliver on his pledge to make America great again.

The former Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Army Yuri Baluyevsky said that Russia will not compete with the U.S. in Defense expenditure, adding that Russia is in a different weight class. Baluyevsky indicated that for Russia, the question is how to ensure Russia’s defense at a lower cost, adding that Russia has already found some asymmetrical responses.

The asymmetrical responses that Russian generals and politicians are talking about refer to nuclear warheads that can modify the course and height so that no computer can calculate their trajectory. For instance, the Americans are deploying their tanks, airplanes and special forces battalions along the Russian border, in the meantime, Russia is seeding the U.S. shoreline with nuclear mole missiles. This clearly shows that Russia has put in place cheaper response to the American threat.


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