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Italy: Japanese Tourists Call Police For Venice Steak Bill

Four Japanese students called local Italian police to complain about a hefty lunch bill whilst visiting Venice. The restaurant owner was surprised to learn that the men actually went to the University of Bologna, Italy, and thus quickly realized they were being ripped off. For 4 steaks and a plate of fried fish (with some mineral water to wash it all down) they were presented with a €1,100 ($1,350) bill.

Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro realized the damage this ordeal would spread with Asian tourists in the future and vowed an investigation. He said: "We will thoroughly examine this episode, we'll check to see if the complaint was made properly."

"If this disgraceful episode is confirmed, we'll do all we can to punish those responsible. We are for justice, always!"

Local Italian media did not name the restaurant in question but said it was owned by a Chinese woman and run by an Egyptian man.

According to the Telegraph newspaper, the place in question is the Osteria da Luca, which is situated quite close to St Mark’s Square.

Having been to Venice myself twice already, I can confirm it is absolutely magnificent and you should see it once in your life if you ever are in Europe.

The problem is that the locals know how you feel and will charge you for this luxury accordingly.

My personal tips if you want to save some money: (1) don’t take a hotel inside the city surrounded by water as you’ll overpay. Mestre is a 10-minute direct train ride away and the prices for an overnight stay are very reasonable, and (2) if you take the water taxi, don’t forget to validate your tickets as you board, the bill is €50 if you don’t and local police like to write that penalty.


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Anonymous No. 16680 2018-01-23 : 07:02

That's bs maybe the chink owner hates Japs n the Egyptian Arab trash doesn't surprise me… Arabs are like Jews they try to rip u off

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