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Video - 2018 Razzie Awards Nominees Revealed

January and February mark the months that Hollywood gives itself a hand job with the Golden Globes, the SAG awards (yesterday) and the Oscars. Forgive us for also enjoying the epic failures which get mentioned at the Razzies though. Much more fun.

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Here’s a rundown of the Worst Picture nominations.

<b> Fifty Shades Darker</b>

I have to admit that as a European, seeing the Fifty Shades Darker movie nominated in so many categories is quite surprising. Last February I feasted Valentine in Oslo, Norway and the EL James movies do quite well in Scandinavia, hence they were featured all over the public transport (which is all I could afford over there). I didn’t see the Dakota Fanning vehicle, but after reading some of the reviews, don’t think I missed much.

<b>Transformers: The Last Knight</b>

Mark Wahlberg probably won’t care that he’s nominated in almost all categories for this one (he’s also got one in the bag for Daddy’s Home 2) as it did quite well at the box office actually.

<b>The Mummy</b>

Apparently, all three principal actors of the revival of the 1930s monster pic The Mummy have been nominated: Tom Cruise for worst actor, and Russell Crowe and Sofia Boutella for worst supporting actor and actress.

I watched it for five minutes myself before I turned it off.

<b> The Emoji Movie</b>

After getting one of the worst scores on Rottentomatoes, this went on to make 220 million at the worldwide box office. Hence the producers won’t really mind.

This weekend the kingdom of Saudi Arabia decided to open cinemas for family viewing again. Guess what was the first movie women and children could watch in Riyadh. If you said ‘the emoji movie’ then you’ve got an emoticon coming.

<b>Baywatch </b>

Surprising to me as I enjoyed it actually. And I believe many did. Perhaps it didn’t do so well as many thought it would but was quite ok.


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Anonymous No. 16684 2018-01-23 : 07:33

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