Obama DOJ Terrorist Coverup

By Ron Cordova, The Goldwater · 03-09-2017

Obama's DOJ covered up a terrorist suspect and allowed the suspect entrance into the US under a false name in the last week before the 2016 General Election. The suspect is Iraqi and was arrested previously for terrorist charges; Obama's DOJ demanded for the suspect to be released just a few days before the General Election. Obama's DOJ is presumed to have hoped for a "terror attack" to help former Secretary Clinton's bid for the White House. This is just the latest scandal to come out of former President Obama's administration and is likely just the tip of the iceberg. Expect a ten mile laundry list of crimes committed by Obama's administration to become public if Obama continues in his shadow government attempt to usurp power from President Trump.

source: Fox News https://youtu.be/XEFSCkCesu0

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Trump had better catch that insurgent before he does a terrorist attack.

Win the lions share of news market share by your follow up trail. Post & pace updates on stalling / investigating of CRAP like this. No accountability!

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