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Florida - Video - Manhunt Underway As Bombs Detonated In Shopping Mall

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Two pipe bombs exploded in the Florida Eagle Ridge shopping mall, luckily not hurting anyone. Police found five more bombs in the area (some reports stated these were stashed in a backpack) and started evacuating the mall immediately upon, arrival.

Though reports are still sketchy, it is understood they are now on the lookout for a middle-aged white man wearing a grey shirt and hat who has been deemed a person of interest. It has not been confirmed yet whether the explosion was terror related.

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Local Police Department Chief Mr Schulz commented: “It’s very concerning to us. We’re a family-oriented community. This is a family-oriented mall. When this started, my son was actually working here at this mall. People were here shopping, just enjoying a Sunday afternoon or evening with their families, and literally ’boom’.”

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The FBI is investigating to see if the explosions, which went off in an employee hallway, are in any way terror related.

Mr Schulz added to that effect that: “we’re definitely not calling it terrorism at this time, but it’s up to the FBI, which has been notified.”

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Though there were luckily no reports of injuries, there was substantial damage to the mall roof.

The Eagle Ridge Mall is situated in Lake Wales, about 60 miles east of Tampa.


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