By: Savannah Smith | 03-09-2017 | News
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Did the Obama Administration Help Overthrow Pope Benedict XVI?

In early 2013, the world was shocked with the sudden resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, becoming the first pope to do so in almost 600 years. The official resignation statement said the swift exit was due to the pope's waning physical and mental powers, but observers and analysts suspected there was more to the resignation that the church would let on. Questions as to the real reason behind Pope Benedict's resignation were never fully answered that time.

Now comes a new revelation on Pope Benedict's sudden resignation in 2013. A discussion thread on site has members engaged in dynamic conversations over the idea that the Obama administration may have something to do in helping overthrow Pope Benedict XVI. Rumors of international pressure against the Vatican may have circulated for years, but recently such previous mere rumors gained more validity and believability when a member of the church has decided to speak on the matter. The Archbishop of Ferrara, Luigi Negri, a close aide to Benedict XVI, has confirmed in a lengthy interview that the U.S. put tremendous amount of pressure on Pope Benedict to force his resignation and put forward the nomination of the new Pope. The Archbishop discussed efforts by the Democratic party to sway the direction of the Catholic Church in the U.S. during the election to favor them.

Perhaps it is no coincidence then that some Catholic Church groups in the U.S. have asked President Donald Trump to launch a commission of inquiry to probe claims that the Obama administration exerted pressure on Pope Benedict.

There was also a letter written by a group of American Catholics to President Trump in January specifically requesting him to investigate a possible Soros-Obama-Clinton conspiracy behind Pope Benedict's resignation. The letter boldly said the group has reason to believe that the Vatican regime change was engineered by the Obama administration.

It is curious to note that not only did Pope Benedict resign under highly unusual and sudden circumstances, but that he was replaced by a pope whose seeming mission is to give legitimacy to the radical ideological agenda of the international left by lending a spiritual component to it.

Such is also consistent with WikiLeaks revelations that Hillary Clinton's former campaign chair John Podesta founded phony Catholic groups just so he could manipulate and use Church leaders to push a liberal agenda in Congress and to promote the Democratic party. The moves to infiltrate the Church hierarchy and the phony group's collusion with the Obama administration have even prompted an angry Archbishop Joseph Kurtz to indict Clinton and her associates for interfering with the church's sovereignty for their selfish short-term political gain, a breach of religious freedom. Religious freedom happens to be one of the founding principles of the American republic, which guarantees the right of faith communities to preserve the integrity of their beliefs and proper self-governance.

Funny that Obama could not even say in full a " Merry Christmas" greetings to Catholics during the yuletide season for fear of supposedly offending the sensibilities of other religions especially Islam, yet he had the audacity to interfere who gets to lead the Church, and who gets to be ousted.

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