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Giuliani Rates The 2nd Debate As A Knock- Out Win for Trump

Trump supporter and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani appeared very euphoric after the second presidential debates as he declares a " knock-out" victory for Donald Trump.

In an interview with Hannity of Fox News, Giuliani says the just-concluded debate was one of the biggest knock-outs in the history of presidential debates, where he saw Trump completely dominate Hillary all through-out, with the latter forced to be entirely on the defensive.

" By the end of the debate, she was just talking for the purpose of talking. She looks tired. She gave long, wandering answers.", said Giuliani.

The former mayor also said the moderators were clearly favoring Hillary- but she still came out weak. " She hurt herself by going on and on, she kept repeating the same things, losing her train of thought.", Giuliani said.

Trump's decision to bring up the leaked emails of Hillary was a genius stroke, according to Giuliani as it was something Hillary was not quite prepared to answer- and could not truly defend herself.

Giuliani said Hillary had no answer for the 33,000 emails in question, just as she had no answer for Trump's knock-out punch that she should go to jail for her illegal acts, and that she lied to the FBI concerning the emails 39 times.

Clinton also tried to be on the offensive when she brought up the 11-year old recording of Trump and its attendant controversies, but Giuliani feels that Trump's sincere apologies for his past mistake prevented Hillary from gaining momentum on the issue. Trump even managed to turn things around when he asserted that the issue surrounding an old, old recording is not a significant concern for the American public given the challenges the nation is facing.

" She was the one who began the unrelenting… nasty, horrible attacks. But he apologized and put it in proper perspective. We have a war where people are being killed all over the world, we've had more Islamic attacks all over the world including the U.S. more than since September 11. We have no plans in Syria. They have no idea how to set priorities", Giuliani said of Clinton and the current administration led by her party mate President Obama.

By bringing back the focus of debate to issues that matter and which directly affect the American people, Giuliani feels that Trump succeeded tremendously.

" What Donald was trying to do even with that tape thing is 'it's important, I am sorry but we've got people dying. While we're talking, somebody is being shot in Chicago. There's so much wrong in this country. Murder went up last year more than it did for the last 41 years. There's so much violence, street violence and terrorism. We need a strong president. It's obvious. He's strong and she's weak.' ", Giuliani said.

Giuliani also gives his observation that Trump is beginning to become more comfortable in the forum and medium of debates. And he looks forward to the next debates where he is confident, Trump would even do better.

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