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65-Year-Old Nurse FIRED from Denver Hospital by Liberal Management for being a Trump Supporter

We live in strange and bigoted times, friends. That's confirmed once again in Denver, Colorado where a 65-year-old woman was fired from her job at a nearby hospital for Supporting the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

65-year-old Lizzy Mathews - who worked as a Nurse for 27-years at Denver Health Medical Center - says she was not only terminated based on her political views but that she was targeted specifically for them.

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As a Nurse working in the hospital, Lizzy is friendly and compassionate towards her patients, to make them feel comfortable.

She comes to work every day then goes home to her family in Lakewood, living a happy, traditional life.

Anyone who's ever had an operation, or been inside of a hospital with an inpatient relative, knows that the best nurses give you their all and laugh, talk, and overall try and make your stay as pleasant as possible.

That was Lizzy per definition, <i>the friendly nurse who cared</i>.

The incident dates back to just two months prior to the election, on September 10th of 2016, when Lizzy says she was making her rounds attending to patients.

She says that one of her patients was watching election coverage, a woman who was recovering from an operation, when <i>the patient</i> asked Lizzy who she thought would win.

Lizzy replied, <i>"Donald Trump, and in fact, I'm praying for him to win".</i>

"Oh no, I don't want him to be," replied the patient. That was the end of their conversation, and Lizzy finished her normal readings for the patient. She even says she laughed with the patient before she left the room.

To any civilized person, whether they were a Trump Supporter or not, this wouldn't be a big deal.

Unfortunately for Lizzy, even though the patient didn't make any complaint to her in response to her support for Trump, the patient was a vindictive liberal who was well connected to the hospital.

In fact, the patient would go behind Lizzy's back and make a complaint to the Hospital Nursing Manager, another Liberal scumbag, Kelly Torres.

Apparently, the well-connected patient demanded that Lizzy be terminated, and that's what happened.

That patient turned out to be a former high ranking official at Denver Health, and the liberal bigot used her connections to shut Lizzy down and ruin her life.

Three days after the incident Lizzy received a phone call at home from Torres, who she says was yelling at her claiming that she had "asked a patient to read the Bible."

"That's just not true," said Lizzy. "I would never do or say such a thing."

Torres then switched to making other excuses. He tried telling Lizzy that "she doesn't put in enough hours," and that "she definitely asked the female patient to read the Bible."

According to Lizzy, that's all completely false. She's a 27-year Veteran nurse, loved by patients and coworkers alike.

Torres then told her she was terminated, over the phone, without any other attempt at punishment such as a write-up or a suspension.

Which is absurd, to begin with, but that's what happened.

While on the phone Torres also said that since she was terminated, she wouldn't be eligible to be rehired at any facility affiliated with the hospital. Almost as if this snot-nosed liberal was rubbing it in her face.

Devastated, Lizzy was in tears. Ever since she earned her nursing degree at the Hamidia Medical College Hospital, Lizzy has been employed at Denver Health.

Marc Fedo, Director of Acute Nursing for Denver Health, signed off on the termination papers, according to the <a href="" >Denver Post</a>.

She attempted to seek assistance through the Equal Employment Occupation Commission on March 1st, which is so backed up in cases that they told her it could take a year.

When Lizzy finally received paperwork on January 24th of 2017, the hospital wrote nothing about the claims of Biblical reference, nor did they mention the false allegations of lacking work hours.

Instead, Fedo had simply written "other reasons" as an excuse to fire a woman who's vested 27 years of her life into the company, close to her retirement.

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Furious, Lizzy contacted a law firm to see if she had a case, which she undoubtedly did.

Attorneys Francis Culkin and Karen Larson have filed a lawsuit on her behalf in a US District Court against Denver Health and specifically naming Torres and Fedo in the suit.

Lizzy is asking for back pay from the date of termination, as well as punitive damages for emotional pain and suffering. She's also seeking to have her job immediately reinstated.

In her 28-page complaint, Mathews claims she was a full-time employee at Denver Health from 1989 to 2008 and a part-time employee from 2009 to 2016, as she etched closer towards retirement. She had originally retired in 2008, but the hospital was short-staffed and she returned part-time to stay active.

In the past, Lizzy says Torres had asked her several times in the past to work full-time but she couldn't due to it affecting her Social Security.

She's also suggesting that if the Hospital is using the alleged 20 hours a week is too few as a defense, then they're discriminating against her for being elderly.

"In commenting on the outcome of the election in 2016, Mrs. Mathews was engaging in the constitutionally protected activity of free speech," the lawsuit stated.

The lawsuit claims that Lizzy was speaking as a private individual, which she was, and not on behalf of the Hospital. She was terminated in retaliation for her free speech.

Lizzy is also an Indian-American, and she's going to use the Liberal's favorite tactic against them, suggesting she may have been discriminated against because of her race.

Liberals heads are going to explode when they hear this, once again proving that the <i>Democrats are indeed the real racists.</i>

The filing claims Mathews' supervisors "treated non-Asian/Indian employees more favorably, including but not limited to disparate discipline and with less scrutiny than that applied to Ms. Mathews that led to the termination of her employment without eligibility for rehire based on race and national origin."

Denver Health has refused to comment on the issue other than saying that they won't comment on ongoing litigation and that Denver Health "has a proud history of diversity and inclusiveness."

In the statement, Denver Health continued, "We have staff members from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of beliefs and work diligently to ensure Denver Health continues to provide an environment in which everyone can feel comfortable delivering or receiving our world-class care."

We'll be rooting for you Lizzy. This is insanity, and it's clear you were fired simply for supporting the <i>"Make America Great Again"</i> agenda and Donald J. Trump.

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Anonymous No. 16599 2018-01-21 : 15:58

Sounds like it's made up, but at the very least it is incredibly one sided journalism.

Anonymous 1969 No. 16604 2018-01-21 : 19:02

Colorado is a right to work state thanks to repubs. They don't have to give a reason to fire you.

Anonymous No. 16658 2018-01-22 : 19:00

Right to work only makes Union status optional. Is that hospital a Union facility? If so that is incredibly unusual, if not your argument is invalid.

Judith OConnrell No. 16685 2018-01-23 : 07:37

How could it be anything but Republican! A compassionate article written in facts ,names etc. would never be written by liberal news! They would never have brought attention to this situation! This is a no brained! Cudo’s to the reporter!

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