By: Savannah Smith | 03-07-2017 | News
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Liberals' Boycott Has No Effect, Ivanka Trump's Clothing Line Hits Smashing Record Sales

Vicious liberals would be surprised and massively disappointed with this news, because all their mean-spirited efforts to "punish" first daughter Ivanka Trump for their hatred for her father have all gone for naught. On the contrary, all their nasty maneuverings to get back at the President for giving them a humiliating election blow, involve Ivanka in their venom and everything connected to her have achieved the exact opposite of their ill-intent- pushing the classy and competent Ivanka to even more smashing success without bothering to fight with such haters.

The crazy liberals and Trump haters went on a massive campaign to boycott Ivanka Trump fashion and clothing merchandise. Trump supporters and believers countered with their quieter but determined #buyIvanka call to action. Guess which side won? This might come as astonishing and another crushing defeat to Trump haters but according to Lyst, an e-commerce aggregator which tracks the purchases from thousands of retailers found that sales of Ivanka products increased by a huge 346 percent from January to February. The sales from the said period translates to a 557 percent increase compared with the same month last year.

Previously nowhere near the top sellers online, Ivanka's brand has seen an amazing jump all the way to number 11 from a low 550th place in January. Even Lyst's public relations director Sarah Tanner said that such an extreme spike is completely unheard of.

Trump haters and crazy liberals called for a huge boycott of Ivanka Trump fashion and clothing line. They have caused such a big noise that misguided stores jumped on the bandwagon and pulled out Ivanka Trump merchandise from their outlets-mistakenly thinking perhaps that doing so would afford them to score some political cookie points with the left and the liberals. President Trump has aired his displeasure in particular with Nordstrom department store for dropping Ivanka items, viewing the move as politically-motivated.

Ivanka has also taken a leave of absence from her role as CEO of her clothing company even before her father was inaugurated as the 45th President of the U.S. to avoid conflict of interest controversies. She has chosen to remain classy, composed and sensible amidst all the venom thrown her way and not once did she stoop down to the scandalous level of haters. She did not even bothered to fight them. She is winning just the same, her vindication brought by the support of a more enlightened American public.


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