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WEW! Trump's New Ad: "Democrats Are Complicit in Every Murder Committed by Illegal Aliens"

The fiery rhetoric coming from the President of the United States of America, with a new advertisement that places blood on the hands of Democrats for atrocities committed by the illegal aliens they've enabled.

With this brutally honest new ad - which has inspired Trump Supporters to the levels of the campaign season - it serves as a stark reminder of just how <i>powerful and driven Donald J. Trump truly is</i> - and also injects a huge morale boost to the "Make America Great Again" agenda.

This comes after the Democratic Party forced a shutdown of the government to <i>defend illegal criminals</i>.

<b>"We The People"</b> of the United States of America, are beyond fed up with the status quo and the virtue signaling of the elite who have displayed that they care more about the wellbeing of illegal aliens than they do the interests of American Citizens.

Currently, Americans are better off under President Trump than they've been in decades, and Americans are flocking under the wing of our President as a result.

The party of Trump, <i>which is comprised of Patriots, Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Veterans of our Armed Forces, Active Members of America's Troops, and people from every color or creed</i> is more powerful than any political movement in American history.

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They're fed up. We see the illegal aliens inside of our country, with<a href=""> illegal "immigration" costing American taxpayers well over $135 billion </a>dollars annually.

We've seen countless cases of crimes committed by illegals including raping children, or the recent attack in Minneapolis where a<a href=""> woman was stabbed 14 times </a>by a Somali "migrant", or the attack with a<a href=""> machete on a 73-year-old woman </a>in Vermont by a "migrant", a<a href=""> seven-time previously deported illegal </a>stabbed an innocent customer in a California diner last month, and even in President Trump's ad he features the case of a brutal<a href=""> illegal alien who murdered two police officers </a>and shot another before carjacking and shooting a fourth person in California.

To top it off, you have<a href=""> Communist-controlled states </a>like <del>California</del>, who won't even allow Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents to work with local and state police officers - where the Attorney General is claiming that he will<a href=""> prosecute business owners </a>who cooperates with ICE - causing the Trump Administration to<a href=""> consider prosecuting the leadership </a>of "Sanctuary Cities" and "Sanctuary States".

Fortunately, Trump's <b>Border Wall Prototypes<b> are<a href=""> proving to be impenetrable</a>, with even United States Special Forces trying to break them down and being unsuccessful.

That wall can't go up soon enough, folks, I'm ready for the wall. It's going to be <i>big, and beautiful</i> just like President Trump promised.

President Trump is sick and tired of the Democrats and their Marxist Ideology of Communism under the guise of Liberalism, <i>and so is America</i>.

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Anonymous No. 16586 2018-01-21 : 11:31

I am all for a border wall or climb proof obstacle.

However I keep noticing the Careful wording…. of Destorying the wall.

Breaking down a wall or obstacle is totally different that circumventing it.

I don't for 1 sec believe that a SFOD Team (Specials Forces Operational Detachment) could not destory a section … think to the explosives and weapons these guys have.

What we are building is a wall that a TYPICAL ILLEGAL cannot circumvent at least quickly in a few hours. Because no Illegal is going to waste hours or days destorying a barrier they are there to illegally enter the USA and leave a Sh*thole . On that side of the wall only the Mexican Drug cartels types might the stuff needed to destory a section. But that would be quickly detected and swamed with ICE.

But I feel we should start charging Mexico and other countries a price per Illegal for housing their citizens and the costs of returning them.

Dublegoatski No. 16606 2018-01-21 : 22:55

People used to come into this country, legally, from all over the world. There is no good reason to allow illegals to stay here or to encourage more to come here. The system works if the rules are enforced, no matter who you are.

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