By Kyle James  |  01-21-2018   News
Photo credit: KOAT Albuquerque

When you owe your heroin dealer money you gotta pay up by any means possible, according to a man arrested in Albuquerque. 24-year-old Mathew Baldonado told officers he robbed a Starbucks coffee shop because his wife was being held captive by several men.

Baldonado later confessed he was driven to the coffee shop near Coors Blvd NW and St. Joseph’s Dr NW by his drug dealer. A criminal complaint against Baldonado reveals he told officers he owed his drug dealer money and they both brainstormed the brilliant idea to rob the Starbucks coffee shop Thursday night.

His robbery would have gone off without a hitch had good Samaritan bystanders not gotten involved. After robbing the coffee shop, Baldonado was tackled by witnesses who held him until police arrived.

Fortunately for Baldonado, he wasn't shot at by the bystanders since the gun that he carried was actually fake. However, whether the gun used in the commission of a felony shoots real bullets or plastic BB's makes no difference, the charges are the same.

Baldonado was charged with robbery with a deadly weapon and is being held without bail.

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