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GOP Reps Demand The Release Of Shocking Surveillance Memo

The number of Republicans demanding the release of a classified report that they say reveals political bias at the FBI and Department of Justice in the investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia is growing. Among those names is Congressman Matt Gaetz who was shocked by what he saw in the memo and is calling for it to be made public.

"The intelligence memo that we have just read is so alarming that it must be immediately disclosed to the American people and the disclosure of this intelligence document must be a top priority for the country immediately. I cannot stress how important that is. Any American that would see this document would see this document would feel as though people like Rod Rosenstein and Bruce Ohr need to be fired immediately," Gaetz explained.

"Some of the very people we have been talking about will be exposed as the key reason that all Americans need to see this memo. It names names," Gaetz continued. "It says who was involved with who, how different actors and characters we heard about interacted with one another, and that is a type of information that we need all Americans to see immediately."

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If you read between the lines, the whole Mueller investigation into Trump collusion with Russia was predicated on the Russian dossier that said Trump had prostitutes in Russia and he paid them to pee on him. They then used this false dossier to go obtain a 'FISA' warrant, which was originally created to combat corruption.

After obtaining the false FISA warrant predicated on a false dossier created, written and paid for by the Democrats to discredit Trump, they then used the warrant to wiretap Trump Towers during the election. This is a massive abuse of government power and millions upon millions of dollars have been spent on the Mueller investigation.

House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows also got a look at the memo and was as shocked as Gaetz at what it contained. "I’m here to tell all of America tonight that I’m shocked to read exactly what has taken place," Meadows said. "I thought it could never happen in a country that loves freedom and democracy like this country. It is time that we become transparent with all of this, and I’m calling on our leadership to make this available so all Americans can judge for themselves."

Rep. Jim Jordan also called for the release of the disturbing memo saying, "It is so alarming the American people have to see this." Speculation has been flying since Thursday night under the hashtag #releasethedocuments. Rep. Lee Zeldin also said the memo is direct evidence of "FISA abuse."

The memo that Republicans are demanding be released will most likely provide enough damning evidence to federally indict all those involved. This information needs to be released to the American public and President Trump has as much right as anyone to demand the release of the memo.

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Anonymous No. 16588 2018-01-21 : 11:56

Will the DEEP STATE Fall?

Or will there be a political trade-off allowing Trump to accomplish the promises he was elected for?

Mind you the DC Swamp will find a way to dodge the Treason charges and likely already has pre-paid and pre-brief their fall guys and girls.

Former Movie Go'er No. 16589 2018-01-21 : 11:59

Question for Michael Moore, and Hollywood. Should we expect to see y'all making a factual honest movie about the soon to be released FISA Memo?

Because that is a movie I'd pay to watch.☺

Heck I'd buy several copies it and give it out as Secret Santa Christmas presents to Liberal friends at work.

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