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Edward Snowden Is Confident On CIA Hacking Capabilities: Says That Documents Look Authentic

The former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden made a statement on Tuesday in which he said that the WikiLeaks dump of what it claims to be more than 8,700 documents from the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence looks authentic and is genuinely a big deal.

The whistle blowing site made an announcement that its Vault 7 publication will shine a light on the CIA’s secret hacking program that has targets around the globe. The program is said to be deploying malware that can bypass encryption protection in a wide range of devices, both Apple and Google Android smartphones and even Samsung TV’s which the agency uses as covert microphones.

WikiLeaks has shared various pieces of information since the document dump started, the organization has shared the information via its official Twitter account, including one that points out to the release of Vault7, adding that WikiLeaks #Vault7 confirms that the CIA can effectively bypass signal, Telegram, WhatsApp and Confide the encryption

Edward Snowden responded to the WikiLeaks tweet with a PSA, saying that it’s not correct to imply that CIA hacked the application’s encryption. Instead, Snowden said that the Vault7 documents show that the Android smartphones got hacked, something that is much bigger problem.

Snowden also made a separate tweet in which he said that he is still parsing through the documents which contain long strings of code. However, he said that from what he has seen so far, he thinks that that WikiLeaks has unveiled a genuine look authentic. He also explained that the program and office names that are contained in the title

The famous whistle blower has been granted asylum in Russia since way back in 2013 after he leaked secret information from the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs. In the meantime, the Russians made a stream by announcing that it would extend Snowden’s asylum to the year 2020.


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