By: Kyle James | 01-20-2018 | News
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30 Children Dead From Deadly Nationwide Flu

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has confirmed a total of 30 children across America have died in a nationwide flu outbreak. The CDC released a new report Friday that said the flu is now widespread in 49 states citing Tennessee as one of the worst while Hawaii remains unaffected.

A spokesman from the CDC said the most vulnerable persons at risk for flu complications are pregnant women and children. The Tennessee Health Department said the spread of the deadly flu killed three children and a pregnant woman in their state alone which has seen the most fatalities since the outbreak started.

One child was from middle Tennessee while two others were from East Tennessee. The Tennessee Health Department added it is normal for 2-3 children to die from the flu each season in the state. Nashville Health Department's spokesman said ER visits related to flu-like illness have doubled since mid to late November.

In addition, a third-grader in Alabama also recently lost her life to the flu. Pike Road Schools Superintendent Dr. Chuck Ledbetter said, "It is with a heavy heart that I share with you that Zainab Momin, a Pike Road Elementary School 3rd grader, passed away Tuesday night due to the flu."

Dr. Ledbetter continued, "We're working very hard to protect our children," Dr. Ledbetter said. "We ask you to keep the Momin family in your thoughts and prayers, and also to keep the Pike Road Schools family in your thoughts and prayers." Dr. Ledbetter could not confirm if Zainab had a flu shot.

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Anonymous No. 16532 2018-01-20 : 08:53

This flu season is weird … it has several forms floating around.

I have seen people with 14 day massive colds, people with the 3 to 4 day kick butt typical flu. Plus what a few Doc's I know are calling "Undetermined Crud", which many times results Bronchitis.

The Flu shot is way less than 50% effective according to those that I know that got the shot back in Oct-Nov. , and still got one of the types floating around in late Dec early Jan. A few Doc's around here are issuing Nebulizers units with 14 days of Albuterol or Ipratropium along with antibiotics. Plus a massive shot in the rump with Steroids and etc… All of this, is a lot different than previous flu season years.

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