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This 'Multi-Tool' Chainsaw From Echo Wont Attach To Your AR-15, But It Blows Leaves

Echo Power Equipment has unveiled its CS4510 chainsaw, PB2520 handheld blower, Shindaiwa PS262 PowerBroom and M262 multi-tool for 2018 with the sole intent of helping farmers harvest firewood and keep the barns clean.

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It’s without a doubt that the London, Ont.-based Company says, the ideal tool essential for any farmer to have, according to Adam Veen, marketing coordinator with ECHO Power Equipment.

“Farmers like to work quickly and efficiently, and these tools allow them do to just that,” he told

The professional-grade 45 cc, CS4510 chainsaw constitutes easy-to-use features such as a spring-assist starter, a momentary stop switch and vibration reduction.

“This saw is designed with the farmer in mind,” Veen said. “The saw’s design innovations allow for more fuel capacity than the competitors, while still maintaining a lightweight and powerful machine designed to help anyone cut for an extended period of time without fatigue.”

Farmers will have an easy time cleaning up the sawdust by using the new PB2520 handheld blower which operates at 170 mph, allowing farmers to clean up their work areas with little effort. The blower has lighter yet more powerful design that allows users to operate the equipment without the risk of fatigue.

For cleanliness purposes, the workshop floors can be maintained using the Shindaiwa PS262 PowerBroom. The tool is the only unit on the market with an integrated gear case and it has an impressive 40:1 gear ratio, which provides fast switch-outs of optional attachments. But that’s just the beginning, Veen said.

“A magnesium powerhead construction makes the PowerBroom durable,” he said. “It has the ability to sweep up anything – including hay, wood chips and gravel – without damaging grass or any underlying surface.”

Shindaiwa M262 multi-tool also has multitasking functionalities to aid farmers. “It is designed with professional grade power and available with 16 different attachments from pole pruner and hedge clipper to trimmer and snow thrower attachments,” Veen said.

As a nod of respect to Goldwater readers in the timber industry, we present the following:

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Anonymous No. 16517 2018-01-20 : 00:57

So the saw is like using a diamond grit blade in a sawzall? That's pretty damn dandy. Are we talking 28" or 30" blade? Looks pretty hefty in the video. I don't cut down massive trees like that so I won't be needing such a chainsaw anytime soon. Typically cut down big branches couple times a year to stock up on firewood for the winter.

Got myself a gas-powered 50cc Poulan Pro w/ 24" saw, and it does just fine.

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