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President Trump Praises ExxonMobil As White House Echoes Exxon Press Release

The White House released a statement congratulating oil giant ExxonMobil on the expansion of its operations in the Gulf of Mexico. President Trump’s response came half an hour after Exxon made an announcement of its plans to create thousands of jobs by spending $20bn over a period of 10 years.

ExxonMobil has said that it’s strategically investing in new refining and chemical-manufacturing projects in the U.S. Gulf Coast region to expand its manufacturing and export capacity. The company’s growing the Gulf expansion program consists of 11 major chemical, refining, lubricant and liquefied natural gas projects at proposed new and existing facilities along the Texas and Louisiana coasts. The investments started back in 2013 and they are expected to continue until 2022.

The White House also released the same statement saying reiterating what ExxonMobil has strategically invested in and the end goal, which is to expand manufacturing and export capacity. The White House also pointed out that the company is going to continue the investments until 2022 as previously stated.

The White House also linked the expansion program to the Trump administration by stating that President Trump pledged to bring back jobs to America, adding that the spirit of optimism is sweeping the country and hence boosting job growth.

President Trump also said that this is exactly the kind of investment, economic development and job creation that will help and put Americans back to work, adding that many of the products that will be manufactured in the United States by American workers will be exported to other nations and hence improve the balance of trade.

President Trump also took to Twitter saying that buy American and hire American are the principles at the core of his agenda, as he also emphasized on the need for job creation in the United States. President Trump also thanked ExxonMobil for the progress that the company is making by pointing to the $20 billion investment and the more than 45,000 manufacturing and construction jobs that the company will create in the USA.

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