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AG Jeff Sessions' DOJ Appoints ICE & Homeland Security to Obama's Hezbollah Cover Up Investigation

The storm is most definitely coming, and it's headed towards Barack Hussein Obama's favorite Iranian Muslim terror network, Hezbollah. A newly ordered investigation is happening with very little mainstream media coverage, unsurprisingly, and it was ordered by the Attorney General of the United States Justice Department, Jeff Sessions.

<a href="">Click here for the Official Press Release and Announcement Made via the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) Website.</a>

The announcement stated that Sessions is adding Homeland Security Investigations Agency (HSI) to a joint-investigation into the Hezbollah network which has operated unchallenged running a syndicate of crime within America's borders.

That operation by Hezbollah was allowed to continue because Barack Hussein Obama, a Muslim sympathizing Communist traitor to America, promoted the idea that <i>Hezbollah’s crimes should be ignored by Federal Law Enforcement Agencies</i> while his regime was in power, so that he could complete his Iranian Nuclear Deal without upsetting the Iranians in the process.

<b>Let's take a stroll down memory lane and refresh those who aren't familiar with Obama-Hezbollah and what led America to this point.</b>

The Goldwater recently reported that one of the major reasons that the Administration of Barack Hussein Obama so firmly backed the Hillary Clinton State Department in their efforts to transfer Uranium One to Russia’s Vladimir Putin, is that Russia is a crucial ally of Iran, who's brutal Islamic Regime was undergoing negotiations with King Obama to attempt to push the infamous Iranian Nuclear Deal.

Let's stop you from going any further until you're positive you understand Uranium One, because the Obama-Hezbollah scandal is tied directly to the events leading up to and surrounding that betrayal of the America people.

For those unaware of the facts surrounding Uranium One I implore them to read <a href=""><i>“Tick Tock: The Complete History of the Clinton Crime Family and Uranium One from A to Z”</i></a>.

Now, <i>if you've read the history of Uranium One</i>, you'll understand that Hillary Clinton, as America's then-Secretary of State, used the State Department to negotiate a deal to protect the investment of Clinton Foundation board member Frank Giustra.

Bill Clinton, as a friend and opportunist, <i>helped Frank Giustra acquire</i> the Kazakhstan uranium enrichment stake, and Giustra’s company UrAsia eventually merged with the Kazakhs into a company that became <i>Uranium One</i>.

Vladimir Putin of Russia had been restructuring Russia, from a point where the former Soviet nation was selling America its uranium, to a place where he again craved the ability to be a dominant power.

Putin eventually wanted the same uranium that Bill Clinton helped Giustra acquire, and pressured his allies in the Kazakhstan government to threaten to seize the shares of the Uranium One company formed with Giustra, in an effort to negotiate a sale to Russia through the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom.

Vladimir Putin was determined to gain the Uranium One company, either through blackmail and pressure, or by forceful seizure, so his desires quickly grew from acceptance of 17% of the company to owning it all.

Hillary Clinton's State Department was able to gain the approval of the Obama Administration to help ensure a deal was made.

Hussein Obama was more than happy to assist, because in restoring relationships with Vladimir Putin, Obama would have acquired a favor from the Russian leader he could cash in down the line.

This is how political capital works folks, and it extends into foreign negotiations as well as those at home.

Of course, Obama would later call in that favor to Putin, to assist in his endgame of a submissive Tehran in a future round of negotiations towards the inevitable Iranian Nuclear Deal.

Russia, being a key petroleum partner with the Iranians, could use Putin’s influence with the Iranians in order to assist Obama in reaching a deal. So Uranium One was in Obama's interest as well as Putin and Russia’s in this regard.

The Clinton's would be happy, as Bill Clinton could please his Clinton Foundation board member and heavy donor of Frank Giustra, as well as open up the potential for Bill Clinton himself to negotiate a kickback from Russia for guaranteeing the deal on Uranium One succeeded.

Slick willy would actually do just that, because he'd take a trip to Russia to meet with close allies of Dimitri Medvedev who promised him a hefty series of donations to the Clinton Foundation once for deal was completed.

Everyone was happy. Obama used his influence, and possibly a few threats of pink slips, to ensure that he won approval from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) on Uranium One’s acquisition by Russia.

<b>Now that you're following what's happening, let's go back to Obama's betrayal of our Constitution and discuss how Barack Obama supported terrorism inside of America.</b>

After Uranium One successfully screwed the American people, by endangering the National Security of the United States of America, Obama began to lay out the groundwork for the Iranian deal.

A problem with the deal was that the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were monitoring Hezbollah terrorists, backed by Tehran, who were engaged in a widespread criminal syndicate inside of the United States of America.

Which brings us to <a href="">a groundbreaking report from Politico</a>, who deserves a great deal of both respect and credit for breaking the tale of Barack Obama and his corruption in protecting Hezbollah.

The logic in doing so, was that if he could please Tehran, it would buy him additional time until he could finalize his prized Iranian Nuclear Deal.

What we now know, is that Hezbollah was operating inside of the United States of America, all across the nation, trafficking heroin, cocaine, and high-powered weapons.

The terrorist network would then take the cash from their illicit enterprises and invest in front-businesses, that appeared as if they were legitimate, and in fact operated solely for the purpose of laundering the money made through the illegal trafficking to let the cash leave the United States of America and finance their terrorist endeavors across the globe.

It appears that Imran Awan, the embattled former IT aide of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, would have personally had ties to at least one of these businesses posing as a car dealership.

<a href="">Awan operated the car dealership</a> as a front business, that never actually sold vehicles but instead would go to a car lot directly across the street and purchase a vehicle to resell if they ever has a walk in wanting to buy.

These types of illicit fronts were popping up all over the country, and the FBI and DOJ were both told to stand down and not prosecute the cases.

Shocking right? This is because Barack Obama didn't want Tehran becoming upset that their terror network was coming up short on cash, so that be could complete the Iran deal. Obama essentially allowed drugs and weapons to flow through the streets to please the Iranians.

<b>Now you understand the crimes in which were occurring under the Obama Administration, and you also have the motive.</b>

So now that the Obama Administration is out, and the likes of Imran Awan are in Federal custody, the Sessions-led Department of Justice has become fully aware of just what was occurring.

This brings us to the new investigation.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced the participation of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in the Hezbollah Financing and Narco-Terrorism Team.

The joint law enforcement unit is a group composed of both Federal Prosecutors and Investigators that are to be tasked with investigating the individuals and networks who are providing support to Hezbollah.

Led by Acting Assistant Attorney General John P. Cronan, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) will now partner with Agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), including its Special Operations Division, the FBI, several Assistant United States Attorneys and attorneys from the Justice Department’s Criminal Division and National Security Division.

Their cooperation is meant to support the new team’s efforts to identify and combat networks providing support to Hezbollah all around the county.

Any organization, business, or individual found to be assisting the criminal syndicate of the Hezbollah terror organization will face prosecution in appropriate cases.

Another task will be to reexamine and reassess the evidence in existing investigations, including cases stemming from Project Cassandra, a law enforcement initiative targeting Hezbollah’s drug trafficking and related operations.

“HSI is committed to working with its law enforcement partners to combat criminal organizations providing financial support to Hezbollah,” said HSI Acting Executive Associate Director Derek Benner. “Our agents possess the skill and knowledge to disrupt and dismantle these efforts through special enforcement operations and conducting effective money laundering and drug smuggling investigations.”

HSI, through its participation at the Special Operations Division, has a dedicated, full-time Special Agent Program Manager and an Intelligence Research Specialist who are assigned to the current Counter-Narco-Terrorism Operations Center.

The Operations Center will serve as a key piece to the newly-formed team, which currently supports active field investigations that are being conducted by numerous law enforcement agencies into the drug trafficking tied to the organizations in which are connected to Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations or terrorism-related issues.

Specifically, HSI, in cooperation with U.S. Customs and Border Protection and other DHS entities, all intended to leverage their unique authorities and assets in order to identify and disrupt criminal and terrorism-related suspects, including those associated with Hezbollah, as they attempt to move funds, narcotics, weapons, or are engaged in human trafficking across U.S. borders and throughout the world.

Presently, HSI personnel embedded in the Operations Center are supporting investigations into significant Hezbollah financiers, who utilize trade-based money laundering methods to fund Hezbollah operations.

HSI Special Agents and analysts also work with the partner agencies to support and advance investigations led by other agencies to ensure the full capabilities of DHS are leveraged for the prosecution and disruption of foreign terrorist organizations and violent international drug trafficking syndicates.

Obama is being hit from every angle right now, with his crimes in Uranium One under investigation, his crimes in illicit wiretaps through FISA coming under fire, and now the Hezbollah scandal being blown wide open.

Be afraid Obama. <b>Be very afraid</b>.

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