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Army Sergeant Arrested For Prostitution And Her Death Row Exoneree Husband Was Her Pimp

Army Sgt. Tawana Roberts and her husband Isaiah McCoy have both been arrested and are being held at a federal detention center for human trafficking among other charges.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Kevin Chang denied ball for McCoy who is accused of being a pimp and forcing women into the sex trade. Federal prosecutors described McCoy as violent and intimidating while his public defender Max Mizono argued that McCoy is not a danger to the community or a flight risk.

Roberts is also in custody awaiting a bond hearing scheduled for January 24. Both McCoy and Roberts were arrested in an undercover prostitution sting at a hotel in Waikiki. Prosecutors are using Facebook live videos streamed by the couple as evidence against them.

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One video shows the couple in a hot tub when McCoy says as he grabs his wife, "How much is this going to cost me?" Roberts tells him, "You already know the going rate for me … five stacks." A stack is street slang for a thousand dollars.

In reality, Roberts going rate is a fraction of that. HPD documents show Roberts agreed to take $500 from an undercover officer in exchange for sex. After the pair were arrested by HPD, a federal grand jury indicted the couple in an expansive human trafficking case.

McCoy was exonerated last year from Delaware's death row and married Roberts a few months ago. Roberts works in the army as food service specialist at Schofield Barracks. McCoy is restricted from visiting her on post because of prior convictions that include burglary, robbery and drug crimes.

Another Facebook Live video shows McCoy with another man smoking weed in a vehicle with guns on their lap. In an interview from a few months ago, McCoy talks about how he is 'reformed' and now tries to teach kids like the one he was with committing felonies in the Facebook Live video.

McCoy said in that interview, "The thing that people don't understand is this, you remain who you are, you just add more things to you. Once you're something, you're that. Am I no longer a gangster? I'm still a gangster. But that's no longer something I have to move on. Now, I'm an activist also."

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Anonymous No. 16483 2018-01-19 : 11:39

Question Neo-Feminists and Liberals.

Why isn't Prostitution legal? After all it is a women's body it should be here right to decide?☺

Several Liberal EU countries have state health controlled and monitored brothels and the STD rates are lower than the USA.

Think of all the sex crimes eliminated.

Of course it present issues for women also. Beside men can rent the cow and not have to buy it and feed it things. ☺

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