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Student in Philly Gave Pot-Laced Cookies in School Made Her Friend Sick

Philadelphia police say two students ate cookies and ended up in the hospital. That is because the cookies happened to be laced with marijuana.

Two 13-year-old girls went to see the nurse, about an hour apart, at Lamberton School on Woodbine Avenue complaining of feeling sick, vomiting, and having glossy eyes. Both were rushed to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Police have established that one of the girls brought the said cookies to school, kept one for herself and then shared the remaining with two of her friends. Thing is the one who brought the cookies may not be so innocent, after all, about what the cookies contained.

Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker said: “We believe the 13-year-old who brought the items knew they were laced with marijuana. The 13-year-old girl she gave it to, which is her classmate, did not know. And the 13-year-old boy had no idea what was on the items.”

The boy simply threw his away. It is not clear whether he just does not like it or other personal reasons, but the discarded cookies proved the key for the police to confirm they were laced with pot.

The police went to the home of the girl who brought the marijuana-laced cookies on Thursday night. The girl lives with her grandmother, and the police questioned the adult involved.

It is not clear if the grandmother will be charged for the incident.

The Philadelphia Police, especially in light of this incident, are reminding adults anew on the importance of discussing the dangers of drugs to children.


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