By Ace Jackson  |  03-07-2017   News
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There's a civil war brewing in America between faggots and non-faggots. Cis versus the mentally ill. The faggots are running the advertising and marketing industries, giving each other brojobs as long as they keep the money within their circle jerk.

Alex Jones sells water filters because Jew kike advertisers won’t give him the time of day.

It might seem like the Jews are winning this war, but who is going to protect them from the good ole southern boys when the gays in San Francisco aren’t even armed? A modern American civil war would be a turkey shoot, and the internet isn’t going to shield the unarmed lefties from physical bullets.

There has never been so much censorship in the United States as now.

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Anonymous No. 1643 1488884863

Gas the kikes, race war now

Anonymous No. 1644 1488885066

Don't be so uptight bro.

Anonymous No. 1645 1488885088

The Holocaust never happened, but it should have.

Anonymous No. 1646 1488885296

Only breeders worry about race mixing.

Mr. York No. 1649 1488888620

Nothing wrong with breeding a little hate now and again. After all, we are becoming what they want us to be. And they shall be the afterbirth of a true nation. - OK..

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