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Man Raped And Padlocked Sister-In-Law's Genitals

In a terrifying situation that challenges even the scariest horror films, a woman called police in Lae, Papua New Guinea to report she was being assaulted.

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When authorities responded to the woman's home, they found a man who had moved into her home and had closed her genitals with a padlock in December. Lae Police Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr elaborated on the horrifying situation, "When he moved in he started to rape the victim. "

"Then he went on further to have her private parts padlocked and he had the key, he held on to the key himself," Chief Superintendent Wagambie said. The brother-in-law had been trusted to take care of the woman and her family when her husband was away to Port Moresby.

The man is now facing multiple charges of rap and unlawful wounding. The victim told investigators she was in great pain from the man but was too scared to call the police to report the crimes.

Chief Superintendent Wagambie said, "She didn't report out of fear. The person had been threatening to kill her and he had brandished knives and pointed home-made guns at her and threatened to kill her and the children. So she had remained in fear."

"This is very sad because she's a health worker who deals with these sort of cases of sexual and family violence and she advises people, but she also became a victim," he explained.

Wagambie went on to say the woman is now receiving counseling and medical treatment for her injuries. "

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Bitches need chasity belts these fucking days.

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who the hell writes these stories? salary must be dismal if you can't even pay for a decent editor

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