By: Earnest Jones | 03-07-2017 | News

Facebook Unveils Censorship Feature To Label Alternative Media Fake News

The social media giant, Facebook, is unveiling a new feature that is meant to combat fake news. The feature will also allow users to report content that they deem fake. T

The new feature has been in the testing phase since December. The users of the social media network can now mark a story as fake, the result of this addition is that a story will have to be disputed by ‘’Fact-Checkers’’ popup under its title along with a link to a corresponding article that explains why it might be false.

The result will be ensure that these posts appear lower in the news feed as the Facebook’s algorithm regulates the story. The Facebook Users will receive a warning before they share the story on their Facebook feeds.

Facebook has said that third-party fact checkers will have to agree to a fact-checking code of ethics by the pointer Institute. The social media giant has also added a question to its help center page that is entitled “How is news marked as disputed on Facebook?” the section points out that the feature is not yet available to everyone.

The so called “solution” to fake news was introduced by Facebook last December amid claims that false news influenced the outcome of the U.S. presidential election that saw President Trump win the election.

A Stanford University/NYU study authored by NYU economics Professor Hunt Allcott and Stanford economics preofessor Mathew Gentzkow have both disputed the unproven claims that fake news influenced the election. The two-professor’s found out that the outcome of the election had no co-relation with the fake news.

The term Fake news was a mere propaganda term that was created with the sole intent of destroying the alternative media. However, many citizens have awakened to the fact that the real propagandists are the mainstream media. It’s therefore necessary that everyone fights back against this censorship by marking the mainstream media content as fake news.

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